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Can sperm sorting improve our chances of having a baby girl?

Every client secretly hopes for a boy or a girl — even if they pretend otherwise. There are various techniques to select the gender of your baby. PGS is now the standard technique in the United States. But an old technique called sperm microsorting (which was banned by the FDA) is having a renaissance.

How old is “too old” for a surrogate mother?

It’s inspiring that women of all ages can be so generous. If you doubt, just search on Google for news reports of women delivering their own grandchildren… it’s truly amazing.

Understanding the “Gestational Age” of your pregnancy

what is Gestational Age

If you’re planning your travel to pick up your baby, you may be tempted to buy your airline tickets to arrive on the Estimated Due Date (EDD). That’s a bad idea because the date shown in the report is not the actual number of weeks of the pregnancy. The EDD is based on the “Gestational Age” of the fetus, not the “Chronological Age”.

NJ now protects those using surrogacy in the US

It is well known that the laws around surrogacy in the US differ from state to state. With new legislation being brought into place, the citizens of New Jersey will now have legal protection should they offer themselves as a gestational carrier, and likewise be a parent entering into a surrogacy agreement. NJ.com reported on…
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