A “Sensible’ Approach to Your Surrogacy Journey

Sensible offers complete surrogacy services to manage your entire surrogacy journey, or to help you manage your own. Our focus on transparency, security and low-cost is changing the way that childless couples complete their families!

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We Help Couples Conceive Their Families: Here’s How.

Since 2012 we’ve helped hundreds of childless couples from 5 continents become parents. We help Intended Parents in 2 ways…

1. Consulting and Educational Services for Intended Parents

Sensible Surrogacy is THE expert resource in international surrogacy. We work with any loving couple at no charge to explain every detail of the surrogacy journey. You don’t need to be a client to ask for help, and we’re here for all loving couples (and singles, too!).

  • Complete and unlimited education & counseling from the moment you first consider gestational surrogacy in the US or overseas.
  • Consulting throughout your surrogacy journey to improve the overall security, affordability and likelihood of success.

We also publish the most complete online resource about gestational surrogacy worldwide: the Sensible Surrogacy Guide & the Sensible Cost Guide. Search through our library for the answer to almost any question.

2. Full Agency Services… For Less!

Our network of service providers can handle every aspect of your surrogacy journey with the least hassle and lowest cost possible. Our services are equal to any typical Surrogacy Agency…but at a lower cost.

  • Freelance surrogate recruiters: Find your qualified surrogate without expensive Agency fees
  • Journey coordinators: To handle every detail of your surrogate’s treatments and prenatal care
  • Egg donation agencies: We’ve worked with some of the best donor agencies worldwide
  • Legal and medical resources: We know experienced professionals in nearly every state
  • Escrow and insurance services: We partner with the best management services worldwide

Sensible offers unique, low-cost, high-success surrogacy options with clinics in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Bogota and Kiev. We can be your consultant, coordinator, or “agency” partner throughout the entire journey. We offer special reduced prices with several international clinics, agencies and other service providers that we have come to trust over the years.

Our complete services at your own clinic!

If you have your own preferred doctor or clinic, we can act as your “agent”, coordinating your journey at your own clinic. We are 100% objective, and are ready to work with your existing medical team.

If you already have an agency, “Sensible” can act as a 100% independent consultant to advise and guide you through the many details and decisions of your surrogacy journey. We can give you the attention and insights that your agent may not be able to provide.


Our Guiding Principle

‘Sensible’ is 100% independent and NOT financially tied to any particular clinic or service provider. We don’t receive any kickbacks or commissions from clinics or other vendors, and we don’t add any markup on the procedures or services you buy. Our success is not measured in money, but in happy endings.

Our Ethical Approach:

‘Sensible’ believes that the best surrogacy journey involves a Loving Couple working in a personal relationship with a Surrogate Mother to form a new family. We encourage parents to be personally involved in their surrogacy journey, and to share this amazing experience with their Surrogate.

This revolutionary approach makes the surrogacy process smoother and more rewarding, while dramatically reducing the cost of surrogacy.

Our Promise to You: Sensible Surrogacy is not a “Baby Factory”, and we do not sell or guarantee babies in exchange for payments. We promise to stand by your side throughout your surrogacy journey. We can coordinate your entire journey for you, working with our superior IVF clinics, egg donation agencies, and other services. We can also guide you through your own journey to help you save money and reach your dreams.

However you choose, we make starting your new family easy and affordable.

We have low-cost programs in the United States, Ukraine, and Colombia. Our Independent Surrogacy services are unique and can help defray the cost of surrogacy in the United States.

Why work with Sensible Surrogacy?

Sensible Surrogacy testimonialManaging your own surrogacy journey is not as hard as you might think — with a little guidance.  Working with Sensible Surrogacy can give you that guidance and improve your chance of success, reduce costs, and streamline your journey.

There is no guesswork; we can help you conceive your full family, and bring your newborn home safely and legally.

  • Our complete service means we will be at your side from the day you start your journey until you are safely home with your baby.
  • We continually research options worldwide to find the most affordable and secure surrogacy services for all couples.
  • We are surrogacy parents ourselves and understand the opportunities and challenges surrogacy offers.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of same-sex families and we have specific expertise and unique experience in the issues and obstacles that gay parents face.



A Letter from our Founder…


Bill HoughtonWelcome! My name is Bill Houghton, the founder of Sensible Surrogacy. I know first-hand the value of surrogacy – because I’ve been through it too!

My husband and I spent years struggling with adoption agencies, fertility treatments, and consultants that only seemed interested in our money. Like you, we researched all the possible options, documented the success rates, and compared the costs. We’ve gone through the process that you are now going through.

I personally have gone through the process twice, and I have two beautiful boys that attest to the success of surrogacy as a convenient and ethical way to build a family.

Sensible works with any parent considering IVF and surrogacy. My personal goal is to answer any question you may have about surrogacy programs worldwide, and to help you understand the process fully. My promise has always been to perform that service free of charge – because I understand the value of surrogacy for childless couples.

If you think surrogacy is a good option for you, we have negotiated the most successful and affordable programs available worldwide. We can guide you through your own journey, or we can serve as your coordinator and manage every step on your behalf. Since 2011, I have built relationships with clinics worldwide, and a network of first-class service providers including lawyers, translators, notaries, travel agents, and more. We are all committed to helping couples like you conceive your new family in safe and affordable programs worldwide.

I know the entire process can seem daunting… but our job is to make things as easy as possible. I invite you to contact us by email or using the form on this website. We are here to help.

Thanks and warm regards,
— Bill Houghton


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