How to Become a Surrogate?

To become a surrogate, read through the information below. Afterward, fill in the application on this website. If you have questions, our support team is ready to guide you along the process.

Review our 15-point checklist to see if you qualify as a surrogate. If you do, here is the step-by-step process to become a surrogate:

1. Fill out the application:

The first step is to complete the simple Become a Surrogate form on our website. Fill out the form as completely as possible. If you have questions, feel free to ask us. After submitting the application, your personal Surrogate Coordinator will contact you to review the application and move to the next step.

2. Have a Personal Interview:

We’d like to give you a call to discuss what it means to be a surrogate. This is your chance to ask any questions, learn how the program works, what it’s like being a surrogate, and how SENSIBLE can support you through the process. This is also a good time to get to know your personal Surrogate Coordinator.

3. Medical History Review:

With your permission, we’ll request the medical records of your prior pregnancies and deliveries. Those records are kept strictly confidential – and shared only with the IVF clinic. We don’t keep a copy of your personal medical information, and it is never disclosed to any third parties.

4. A Quick Background Check:

You will need to consent to standard criminal records and background check (for you and your partner/spouse if applicable). When the check is complete, you can be added to our community of SENSIBLE surrogates.

5. Meet the Intended Parents:

Once you join our community of surrogates, we’ll match you with possible Intended Parents. We’ll provide you with a profile of possible parents, and let you judge if they are a good match for you. If you agree, then the next step is to meet them face-to-face (either in person or by video chat).

6. Medical Clearance:

Once you’re matched, we will arrange a full medical screening at the IVF clinic. At the in-person physical examination, the IVF specialist will perform an ultrasound, urine screening, blood work, and a consultation with the full clinic team.

7. Mental Health Clearance:

Along with medical screening, we’ll arrange for a short session with our mental health care professional. The goal is to clarify the obligations of being a surrogate. It is also important that you fully understand the emotional impact of surrogacy and that you’re emotionally ready for the journey.

SENSIBLE’s simple screening process will ensure that the pregnancy will be healthy, stress-free and uncomplicated. Your personal surrogate coordinator will work with you every step of the way, to make sure your journey is an amazing, positive experience.