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William (Bill) Houghton is the founder of Sensible Surrogacy, an advocate for ethical and transparent gestational surrogacy treatments worldwide. He is also a 2x surrogacy parent himself.

William HoughtonSince 2012 Bill has advised hundreds of couples on conceiving their families at clinics around the world. His personal expertise extends to the risks and opportunities of gestational surrogacy at dozens of surrogacy destinations (both popular and obscure, transparent and shady).

Bill is also the principal author the ‘Sensible’ Surrogacy Guide. The Guide is the authoritative resource for couples considering gestational surrogacy. Its searchable archive includes hundreds of articles covering aspect of surrogacy — from finding a surrogate mother, to improving your chances of pregnancy, to understanding the legal frameworks in various countries worldwide.

Couples interested in Surrogacy are invited to subscribe to the Guide’s monthly newsletter: Ask the Experts. The newsletter answers questions from the community submitted through the Surrogacy Guide website.

Bill’s insights into surrogacy and related matters can be seen in various outlets. Find more about Bill on:


In the News: Sensible Surrogacy & Bill Houghton

William (Bill) HoughtonBill is also a noted source in the media for subjects related to surrogacy worldwide. Read some of his insights in these publications:

How much does it cost to be a surrogate?

“Becoming a surrogate mother is a special act of generosity. To help conceive a family for a childless couple is a unique gift. This gift, however, comes with a price tag. If you are thinking of becoming a surrogate for a friend, you should be aware of the costs involved. If you are not careful, you may end up covering many of those expenses from your own pocket.” (Daily Kos)


Thousands of childless families find hope with the Sensible’s 2020 Cost Guide

“Infertility wrecks families both financially and emotionally,” Houghton said. “By the time couples consider a surrogate, they’ve already been through countless expensive fertility treatments and failed IVF cycles. These are couples that need to know how they can reach their goal of being parents. They need some practical information about how they’re going to afford this.” (Yahoo! Finance)


US surrogacy agency withdraws from ‘perilous’ Kenya

“With restrictions appearing in southern and southeast Asia, several surrogacy agencies are offering low-cost options in Kenya and similar destinations,” says Bill Houghton, director of Sensible Surrogacy. “The lure of being able to have a baby ‘on the cheap’ is attracting desperate couples into what could be a dangerous situation.” (Business Today)


Amid Scandals, Sensible Surrogacy Issues Advisory for Surrogacy in Ukraine

“Since 2009 when surrogacy in Ukraine was legalized, several large-scale surrogacy-only services have popped up,” said Bill Houghton, director of Sensible Surrogacy. “These organizations exist solely to cash in on the legality of commercial surrogacy in Ukraine. (Business Insider)


‘Wombs for rent’ business flourishes in communist Laos

But there was a risk that Laos would also ban commercial surrogacy, he warned, a fear aired in February by another group, the Nevada-based Sensible Surrogacy, which warned couples to avoid Laos and halted services in Southeast Asia. (Reuters)


How Asia’s surrogate mothers became a cross-border business

“Laos is now in the position Cambodia was in early 2016,” said US organisation Sensible Surrogacy. “There is no law, so surrogacy is permitted only because the government has not stepped in to regulate the practice yet.” (South China Morning Post)


Rent-a-womb trade goes cross-border in parts of Indochina

“While the government may not crack down for several months… the movement by the government is likely to be swift and comprehensive,” noted Sensible Surrogacy, an agency based in Las Vegas… (Straights Times)


Where in Europe is surrogacy legal?

Bill Houghton, founder of consultancy group Sensible Surrogacy, told Euronews that despite the restrictive legislation, surrogacy is becoming “much more popular”.
Houghton noted that many Europeans opt to go to Ukraine, where surrogacy costs around $50,000 (€43,970), compared to more than $100,000 in the US. (EuroNews)


Surrogacy agencies move to Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya is a lower-cost option (only US$45,000), but at least one American agency has pulled out because of the risks. “With restrictions appearing in southern and southeast Asia, several surrogacy agencies are offering low-cost options in Kenya and similar destinations,” Bill Houghton, of Sensible Surrogacy. (BioEdge)


El Ministerio de Sanidad de Camboya prohíbe los “vientres de alquiler”

La maternidad de alquiler se ha vuelto muy popular para las parejas australianas y del mismo sexo que han visto cerrada la puerta en Tailandia para este fin, según el portal “Sensible Surrogacy”. (La Vanguardia)



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