Meet Bill Houghton

William (Bill) Houghton is the founder of Sensible Surrogacy, an advocate for ethical and transparent gestational surrogacy treatments worldwide. He is also a 2x surrogacy parent himself.

William HoughtonSince 2012 Bill has advised hundreds of couples on conceiving their families at clinics around the world. His personal expertise extends to the risks and opportunities of gestational surrogacy at dozens of surrogacy destinations (both popular and obscure, transparent and shady).

Bill is also the principal author the ‘Sensible’ Surrogacy Guide. The Guide is the authoritative resource for couples considering gestational surrogacy. Its searchable archive includes hundreds of articles covering aspect of surrogacy — from finding a surrogate mother, to improving your chances of pregnancy, to understanding the legal frameworks in various countries worldwide.

Couples interested in Surrogacy are invited to subscribe to the Guide’s monthly newsletter: Ask the Experts. The newsletter answers questions from the community submitted through the Surrogacy Guide website.

Bill’s insights into surrogacy and related matters can be seen in various outlets. Find more about Bill on:


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