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Since 2012, SENSIBLE has offered lower-cost surrogacy programs that benefit all loving couples. Our Independent and Assisted surrogacy options help all families struggling with exorbitant agency fees. Our unique international programs reduce costs while still offering certainty and convenience.


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Since 2012, SENSIBLE has built relationships with the very best programs worldwide. We bring these best-of-class programs to our clients as the most secure, low-cost solutions. We only offer programs in countries with supportive legal frameworks, friendly cultural attitudes, and advanced health-care systems. If you have a program with us, you can be assured of a successful result and an easy path home with your newborn baby.

SENSIBLE Surrogacy in the United States

SENSIBLE has been offering surrogacy services in the United States since 2012. We provide lower-cost surrogacy programs that benefit ordinary couples. Unlike typical surrogacy agencies, a SENSIBLE journey encourages personal involvement by the parents in their journey and with their surrogate.

surrogacy in the USASENSIBLE believes in Independent Surrogacy. We support parents who manage their own surrogacy program, and our services will help them along that journey.

We are not tied to any specific clinic or service provider, and we support intended parents wherever their journey leads. Our revolutionary approach makes the surrogacy process smoother and more rewarding, while reducing the cost of surrogacy.

Introducing “Assisted” Surrogacy by SENSIBLE

Assisted Surrogacy is a hybrid between an Independent journey and a full Agency program, with all the services but lower costs. Our independent consultants perform all the daunting tasks that need specialized knowledge or skills. Assisted Surrogacy has no agency or agency fees. Instead, independent specialists perform all of the agency services for a fraction of what agencies charge. These freelance vendors often save tens-of-thousands in the total cost of your journey.

Assisted Surrogacy is perfect for parents who can’t perform all the surrogacy tasks themselves, but still want to avoid working with an agency. Our network of independent service providers can do all the work of a full agency for much less than a typical agency. Parents don’t need to lift a finger.

    Assisted Surrogacy services include:

  • Finding your qualified surrogate mother
  • Shepherding her through full medical and psychological evaluation
  • Managing your surrogate’s legal clearance and contract negotiations
  • Arranging for the surrogate’s total compensation and benefits package
  • Managing clinic procedures, including all clinic appointments and procedures.
  • Complete oversight of the surrogate and pregnancy until you are home with your baby

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SENSIBLE Indy Consulting Services

If you’re thinking of an Independent Surrogacy journey but aren’t sure how to navigate the medical and legal hurdles, SENSIBLE consultants can be your low-cost Sherpa through your journey.

Assisted Surrogacy

SENSIBLE can guide your every step and make an Independent program a realistic and successful option. We offer our detailed expertise to help you manage every part of your Independent surrogacy journey. An experienced SENSIBLE consultant can guide Intended Parents as they find their own surrogate, shepherd her through medical and legal clearance, negotiate contracts and manage her clinic procedures and pregnancy.

Our consultants provide step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the process. We accompany parents throughout their journey — giving instruction, providing uncommon insights, and helping resolve obstacles or unforeseen difficulties.

Other International Destinations

Even in countries where we don’t sponsor programs, we offer consulting and advisory services to intended parents. If you’re working with an agency or clinic anywhere in the world, SENSIBLE can act as a 100% independent consultant to advise and guide you through the many details and decisions of your surrogacy journey. We can give you the attention and insights that your current agent may not be able to provide.
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SENSIBLE Surrogacy in Ukraine

SENSIBLE surrogacy in Ukraine offers a full-service program, including family balancing, full concierge services, and a “Guaranteed Success”.

surrogacy in UkraineFor married couples, Ukraine is now the most affordable, legally secure and stable option for surrogacy worldwide. The country has the strongest legal framework of any country (more than so-called “surrogacy friendly” U.S. destinations like California or Nevada). Costs in Ukraine are also reasonable, and a fraction of U.S. programs.

SENSIBLE’s “Guaranteed Success” program is an excellent option for Intended Parents who want assurances of their new family. the program includes an unlimited number of IVF cycles and embryo transfer attempts. For a single fee, the clinic will continue to work with the Intended Parents until they have their baby in their arms.

All of our Ukraine programs include all costs of your surrogacy journey, including your egg donor (if needed), medications and pediatric care after the baby is born. It also offers a complete suite of concierge services ensuring the best possible care of both the parents and the surrogate. Services include:

  • Unlimited number of IVF attempts with donor eggs
  • Surrogate and egg donor matching services
  • Embryo and sperm freezing and storage
  • Full compensation to surrogate and egg donor
  • Legal, translation and administrative services
  • Paperwork and documents needed for passport application
  • Medications during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Basic set of items needed for newborn after delivery
  • Cost of delivery and hospital stay with the baby for the intended parents
  • All required transportation within Kiev for intended parents
  • Three in-home check-ups by our pediatrician after childbirth

Our exclusive prenatal oversight includes scheduled video chat with your surrogate, photographic reports, alcohol and drug testing, chaperones during all clinic visits, plus weekly inspections of the surrogate’s home to ensure your surrogate is maintaining a healthy life style.
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SENSIBLE Surrogacy in Colombia

The best international option for LGBT families is now in Bogota, Colombia. The little-known country is an increasingly popular destination because of its excellent medical care system and affordable prices. The medical services in Bogota are rated higher than in the United States or Canada. The country also has a very progressive record on gay rights, including marriage and adoption rights.

surrogacy in colombiaYes, surrogacy is legal in Colombia. Assisted reproduction is protected in general by the Colombian constitution, and surrogacy contracts in particular have been upheld by the Constitutional Court. All of which makes SENSIBLE’s surrogacy program in Colombia a unique option worldwide.

SENSIBLE offers a “Guaranteed Success” program in partnership with our Colombia clinic. An excellent option for Future Parents who want assurances of their new family. The option includes an unlimited number of IVF cycles and embryo transfers for one fixed fee. The clinic will continue to work with the Parents until they achieve a successful birth.

The Guaranteed Success plan includes all costs of your surrogacy journey, including egg donor, medications and obstetric care. Services include:

  • Unlimited number of IVF attempts with donor eggs
  • Surrogate and egg donor matching
  • Embryo and sperm freezing and storage
  • Full compensations to surrogate and egg donor
  • All legal, translation and admin services
  • Colombian passport application and documentation
  • Medicines during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Cost of delivery and in-hospital recovery

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