Surrogacy in the United States

SENSIBLE has been offering surrogacy services in the United States since 2012. We provide lower-cost, full-service, boutique surrogacy programs that are accessible to all intended parents.


Surrogacy in Texas USASENSIBLE’s world-class team will manage every step and every task of your journey. Our experienced consultants are leaders in the field with decades of experience. We perform all the daunting tasks — from planning your IVF cycle, surrogate matching, managing escrow and finances, and oversight of your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

Intended Parents don’t need to lift a finger during a SENSIBLE journey.

SENSIBLE Agency Fees

SENSIBLE’s agency fee covers surrogate matching, the surrogate’s medical/legal/psych clearance, coordination of clinic procedures, complete management of the pregnancy and delivery. Our experienced team will manage every aspect of the surrogacy journey.

SENSIBLE agency fees are paid in three installments:

Sensible Agency ServicesCosts
Installment 1: Retainer FeePayable when you request a surrogate
Installment 2: Surrogate Matching FeePayable when your surrogate has been introduced and confirmed
Installment 3: Final Clearance FeePayable upon medical clearance of your surrogate

Total Agency Fees



A Typical Surrogacy Budget (Estimated)

The following budget describes a “typical” surrogacy journey in the United States, including SENSIBLE’s agency fees and fees of 3rd party providers. Third-party fees are estimated only, and are shown here for reference. These expenses would be paid directly to each provider as the services are performed.

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A Note about Surrogate Medical Insurance:

The fee shown in the above table assumes purchase of medical insurance through the ObamaCare marketplace. ObamaCare open enrollment is available from November through January annually. If Insurance is bought outside of open enrollment, policy premiums may be $10,000 to $15,000 higher, depending on the duration of the policy.

Full-Service Concierge Surrogacy by SENSIBLE

SENSIBLE is proud to offer a full agency program with complete concierge services and reduced agency fees. SENSIBLE’s Agency services include:

  • Finding your qualified surrogate
  • Shepherding her through full medical and psychological clearance
  • Managing your surrogate’s legal clearance and contract negotiations
  • Arranging the surrogate’s total compensation and benefits package
  • Managing clinic procedures from IVF to delivery, including all clinic appointments and procedures
  • Complete oversight of the surrogate and pregnancy until you are home with your baby