Why Become a Surrogate?

There are many reasons to become a surrogate, including generous financial compensation and benefits. But the most important reason is the opportunity to give the most precious gift to a childless couple.

Women become surrogates to give life to a much-wanted child and help create a loving family. Most intended parents have struggled for years, and often have heart-breaking stories of their journey to have a family. A surrogate is often the only option to make their dream come true.

Surrogates get many other benefits as well.

Make a Difference. Do Something Meaningful

Becoming a surrogate will forever transform the lives of so many people. Of course you will change the lives of the intended parents, as well as your own. But also consider the multitude of people who this new life will touch in the years to come. Bringing a person into the world may be the most amazing job imaginable.

Form Life-long Relationships

SENSIBLE surrogates and parents often build long lasting relationships throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. This will give you an opportunity to have an ‘extended family’ and create lasting bonds with members of the family you helped to build.

Relive the Joys of Pregnancy

Many women enjoy the experience of being pregnant. They enjoyed their own pregnancies and found the process joyful and rewarding. Now that their own family is complete, they can feel this sense of joy again by being a surrogate for another couple.

Earn Generous Compensation & Benefits

SENSIBLE offers one of the most generous compensation packages anywhere, including a “base pay” from $55,000 to $75,000, plus financial benefits like a monthly allowance, “pamper packages”, and all expenses. You can use your compensation to support your own family, invest in your future, pay off loans or just build some financial security. (More about how much surrogates earn can be found here.)

If you’ve thought about being a surrogate, you are already part of an amazing community of women. The next step is to contact SENSIBLE’s surrogate manager for a quick chat. We look forward to speaking with you about the many tangible and intangible benefits of becoming a surrogate.
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