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What it’s like to be a Surrogate Mother

There’s no better way to hear about surrogacy than a first hand account from a surrogate mother. Tiffany Jordan from Savannah, Georgia who grew up with her grandparents gives her account to InStyle as a mother who has already completed two surrogacy pregnancies in the past 3 years. Jordan’s interest started in college where friends…
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Surrogacy in the US going through the roof due to lack of prohibitive laws in Oregon

The trend of surrogacy in the US is currently booming. More and more couples (both heterosexual and same sex) as well as those happy to be single parents are looking to surrogacy to start their families. The Bulletin has reported on a concrete State that has apparently become a “surrogacy hub”. In Oregon there are…
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Outdated Rhode Island laws on surrogacy in the US: considered for updating

The laws around surrogacy in the US vary from state to state in various fashions, some states do not permit commercial surrogacy, whereas others such as California do. Uprise RI published an article recently calling for the outdated laws in Rhode Island to be updated to ensure families from all parentage are treated fairly in…
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NJ now protects those using surrogacy in the US

It is well known that the laws around surrogacy in the US differ from state to state. With new legislation being brought into place, the citizens of New Jersey will now have legal protection should they offer themselves as a gestational carrier, and likewise be a parent entering into a surrogacy agreement. NJ.com reported on…
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Japan considers conflicting surrogacy laws

Two committees of Japanese lawmakers from the same Liberal Democratic Party are drafting legislation that would either legalize surrogacy in some cases, or conversely further prohibit surrogacy births. Japan has no current law that regulates surrogacy. The relevant government committee (Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry) as well as the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology…
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Ethical debate on surrogacy in Canada

Currently, surrogacy in Canada is illegal when a person profits from the intended parents. As with many places, “reasonable” costs can be covered, these can be made up of medical bills, loss of earnings from time off, maternity wear etc. The National Post in Canada reflected on a notion put forward by Anthony Housefather MP…
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