Surrogacy in Vietnam

Surrogacy is now legal in Vietnam

The Vietnam National Assembly has ratified the amended Marriage & Family Law, which allows surrogacy in the country. However, the issue of same-sex marriage is still out of the scope of this law.

The measure was far from unanimous. Only 59.1 percent of deputies voted in favor. The contents of the bill were so contentious that the vote was held by special ballot, addressing each provision of the legislation separately. The issue had been considered for many weeks.

Supporters of the legislation said that surrogacy is a humanitarian measure to help infertile couples become parents. Now the specifics of ensuring the humanitarian purposes of surrogacy as well as disputes in surrogacy contracts are up to the Government.

Another controversial issue – same-sex marriage – was voted down as part of the legislation. According to the National Assembly Standing Committee, same sex relationships are not currently considered marriage so the the issue is not within the scope of the bill.

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