SENSIBLE Indy Consulting Services

If you’re thinking of an Independent Surrogacy journey but aren’t sure how to navigate the medical and legal hurdles, SENSIBLE consultants can be your low-cost Sherpa through your journey.

Assisted Surrogacy

SENSIBLE can guide your every step and make an Independent program a realistic and successful option. We offer our detailed expertise to help you manage every part of your Independent surrogacy journey.

An experienced SENSIBLE consultant can guide Intended Parents as they find their own surrogate, shepherd her through medical and legal clearance, negotiate contracts and manage her clinic procedures and pregnancy.

Our consultants provide step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the process. We accompany parents throughout their journey — giving instruction, providing uncommon insights, and helping resolve obstacles or unforeseen difficulties.

International Destinations

Even in countries where SENSIBLE doesn’t sponsor programs, we offer consulting and advisory services for intended parents. If you’re working with an agency or clinic anywhere in the world, SENSIBLE can act as a 100% independent consultant to advise and guide you through the many details and decisions of your surrogacy journey. We can give you the attention and insights that your current agent may not be able to provide.
Contact SENSIBLE for guidance in your Independent Surrogacy journey.