SENSIBLE Surrogacy in Colombia

The best international option for LGBT families is now in Bogota, Colombia. The little-known country is an increasingly popular destination because of its excellent medical care system and affordable prices. The medical services in Bogota are rated higher than in the United States or Canada. The country also has a very progressive record on gay rights, including marriage and adoption rights.

Colombia Surrogacy CostYes, surrogacy is legal in Colombia. Assisted reproduction is protected in general by the Colombian constitution, and surrogacy contracts in particular have been upheld by the Constitutional Court. All of which makes SENSIBLE’s surrogacy program in Colombia a unique option worldwide.

SENSIBLE offers a “Guaranteed Success” program in partnership with our Colombia clinic. An excellent option for Future Parents who want assurances of their new family. The option includes an unlimited number of IVF cycles and embryo transfers for one fixed fee. The clinic will continue to work with the Parents until they achieve a successful birth.

The Guaranteed Success plan includes all costs of your surrogacy journey, including egg donor, medications and obstetric care. Services include:

  • Unlimited number of IVF attempts with donor eggs
  • Surrogate and egg donor matching
  • Embryo and sperm freezing and storage
  • Full compensations to surrogate and egg donor
  • All legal, translation and admin services
  • Colombian passport application and documentation
  • Medicines during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Cost of delivery and in-hospital recovery


Surrogacy in Colombia: Options and Fees

For same-sex couples and single parents, Colombia is both progressive and medically advanced. Our partner clinic offers a “pregnancy guarantee” providing unlimited IVF and embryo transfer procedures until you are safely home with your baby.

“Guaranteed” Surrogacy in Bogota, Colombia: $66,900

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Surrogacy in Colombia with Existing Embryos: $58,900

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2X Guarantee in Colombia – Siblings with 2 Surrogates: $119,900

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All SENSIBLE programs include full surrogate compensation and benefits, all clinical procedures, legal fees, surrogate matching and coordination fees, even the surrogate’s estimated medical insurance and travel expenses. Although every journey is slightly different, our detailed budget lets Intended Parents understand how much their entire program will cost and how they can avoid unexpected expenses.