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Has Donald Trump Declared War on LGBT+ Families?

Without notice, State Department policy changed to make it more difficult for gay couples to bring their babies into the US. The change delegitimizes the marriages of naturalized gay citizens and lock their children out of the United States.

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Surrogacy is banned in Islam… even for overseas residents.

Permanent residency abroad does not bypass the ban on surrogacy under Islamic law. Living abroad will allow the baby return home without a visa, but that’s only one hurdle. Parents still need citizenship and a passport, and that’s unlikely to be approved by the embassy of an Islamic country.

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Travel restrictions to be eased in Ukraine

SENSIBLE is pleased to report that travel restrictions in Ukraine will be eased as of June 15. Intended Parents soon will be able to fly into Kiev to begin their IVF cycles as well as attend the birth of their babies. The announcement was made on May 27 by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Protection.

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We are Intended Parents ourselves! We understand how important gestational surrogacy can be for childless couples. We offer free consulting services and surrogacy options that are lower cost, because we know the difficulties parents face when looking for honest solutions.

SENSIBLE works strictly for Intended Parents. We are 100% independent and not financially obligated to any clinic or vendor. Our only goal is to help would-be parents sort through their surrogacy options — which destinations are safe and which are dangerous, which offer truly affordable surrogacy journeys.

Second and equally important, we offer unique, legal, and affordable surrogacy programs. SENSIBLE programs are unique. We work with the best clinics and service providers worldwide to develop unique options that are both safe and affordable. There is no other Surrogacy Agency like SENSIBLE anywhere in the world!

We invite you to send us any question about how gestational surrogacy can work for your family. We always are happy to share our experience, and help other Future Parents on their journey.