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Should I Have PGS or PGT Testing on My Embryos?

Think of the embryo like a delivery truck… Even if the truck is running well, the cargo it’s carrying may be spoiled and useless. The only way to know if the cargo is good is to open the truck and check what’s inside. Similarly, to know if an embryo can develop into a healthy fetus, you need to look inside at the chromosomes themselves – and that’s what PGS/PGT does.

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Transporting Embryos to Surrogacy-Friendly Countries

You can take advantage of your local IVF clinic, conceive your embryos with a familiar doctor, and then transport the embryos to a country that’s more supportive of surrogacy. Couples do this all the time. But bringing embryos into the United States is a unique challenge.

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Is Surrogacy in Developing Countries Secure?

In many countries, surrogacy programs pop-up because there are no legal restrictions and fewer barriers to entry for an opportunistic surrogacy agency. But just because surrogacy in “not illegal” in some country, that does not mean it’s secure. There are still plenty of risks in unregulated countries.

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