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Controlling the Costs of Surrogacy: FREE WEBINAR

Yes! Ordinary Couples CAN Afford a Surrogacy Journey. It just takes a little inside knowledge. JOIN US THURSDAY, JANUARY 16 for a Free Webinar. We’re sharing 5 insider tips to how ordinary people can afford their own surrogacy journey. You’ll also learn how to create a realistic surrogacy budget, fairly compensate your surrogate mother, control medical and insurance expenses, and avoid devastating financial pitfalls. REGISTER NOW.

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How long does a Surrogacy process take?

The surrogacy process typically takes about a year – once you find your surrogate. But surrogate matching is complex, and certain laws can grind the process to a stop. In the U.S. it can takes a few months, but a lot will depend on your location and personal requirements.

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Can the surrogate mother keep our baby?

If you have a properly executed Surrogacy Contract in a country with a supportive legal framework then the simple answer is NO, the surrogate cannot keep your baby. Unfortunately too many couples decide to skip the legal safeguards and open themselves up to all sorts of risks – including that the surrogate may have a legal claim to parental rights.

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Welcome to the ‘Sensible’ Surrogacy Agency.

We are changing the way that childless couples complete their families.

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The ‘Sensible’ agency is a new way to pursue gestational surrogacy based on transparency, personal involvement, and lower costs. Our mission is make legal & secure surrogacy accessible to all couples.

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We know the importance of gestational surrogacy as a fertility treatment for childless couples. We offer free consulting services because we understand the difficulties parents face when looking for honest solutions.

‘Sensible’ works for Intended Parents. We are 100% independent and don’t accept payments from any clinic or service provider. Our first goal is to help would-be parents sort through their surrogacy options — which programs and destinations are safe, and which pose risks or uncertainties.

Second and equally important, we develop reliable, affordable and legal surrogacy programs. We partner with the best clinics and service providers worldwide to develop unique options that are both safe and affordable. There is no other Surrogacy Agency like ‘Sensible’ anywhere in the world!

We invite you to send us any question about how gestational surrogacy can work for your family. We always are happy to share our experience, and help other Future Parents on their journey.

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