Yes, we can arrange a Caucasian egg donor from an international agency, or even an egg donor of almost any other ethnicity. However we suggest you first review the available donors from one of our partner donations services. They have excellent candidates of almost any ethnicity. If you do use one of the partner services, you will need to pay them directly.

Surrogacy-Costs-CardChoosing your egg donor is a very easy process, and the arrangements are coordinated between us and whichever donation agency the Future Parents select. Parents only need to choose a donor from the available candidates. The donor will go through various tests, and if she is viable, she will come to our clinic to donate her eggs. We will keep you informed throughout the process, but you won’t need any active participation.

External donor agencies typically charge $12,000 to $25,000 for a Caucasian egg donor. The variation in cost is often in proportion to the quality of the medical evaluation provided by the agency, and thus the likelihood of success. The most reliable donation agencies are often in the United Stages, but these are also the most expensive.

You can save money by using a local donor, who are often have a more complete medical evaluation from our clinic and are much more affordable.


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