SENSIBLE Surrogacy Prices & Options

SENSIBLE offers several lower-cost programs that make surrogacy affordable for ordinary couples. We have excellent programs in the United States for around $100,000 USD as well as legally secure destinations overseas from $50,000 USD.

sensible pricesAt SENSIBLE, we believe in total transparency in our costs and fees. We provide a complete budget that includes all the expenses of your journey in line-by-line detail. Our Intended Parents know what to expect, and they can see why SENSIBLE programs are more affordable and more reliable.

Affordable Sensible Surrogacy Programs

The total cost of a surrogacy arrangement includes agency fees, surrogate compensation and expenses, fertility clinic fees and legal fees. However, there are factors to consider which can affect your final costs. To completely understand your surrogacy budget and how to manage it, we recommend you talk with a Surrogacy Consultant.

SENSIBLE offers these options to consider:

Assisted Surrogacy in the United States: $104,850

For couples looking to lower their surrogacy budget, Assisted Surrogacy uses experienced, independent service providers. Our personalized, boutique service costs much less a typical “agency.”

Total Surrogacy Costs: California

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Independent Surrogacy Consulting: $4,000

For couples who want help with their own independent surrogacy journey, we can provide consulting services to guide you along the way. Independent programs can cost at little at $80,000 USD. Talk to a Consultant Now.

Full service program in Ukraine: $56,000 USD

For married couples struggling to afford a U.S. surrogacy journey, Ukraine is the most legally secure and successful destination worldwide. SENSIBLE partners with only the most reputable and reliable IVF clinics and local vendors. We have conceived dozens of families in Kiev over the past 5 years!

Total Surrogacy Costs: Kiev, Ukraine

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“Guaranteed” surrogacy in Ukraine: $65,000 USD

For married couples, the “guaranteed” surrogacy program will provide unlimited IVF and embryo transfer procedures until your healthy baby is in your arms. And of course SENSIBLE will stand by your side throughout your journey.

Total Surrogacy Costs: Kiev, Ukraine

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LGBT surrogacy guarantee in Colombia: $64,000 USD

For same-sex couples and single parents, Colombia is both progressive and medically advanced. Our partner clinic offers a “pregnancy guarantee” providing unlimited IVF and embryo transfer procedures until you are safely home with your baby.

Total Surrogacy Costs: Bogota, Colombia

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All our programs include full surrogate compensation and benefits, all clinical procedures, legal fees, surrogate matching and coordination fees, even the surrogate’s estimated medical insurance and travel expenses. Although every journey is slightly different, our detailed budget lets Intended Parents understand how much their entire program will cost and how they can avoid unexpected expenses.

For more information on any of SENSIBLE’s programs and prices, contact us directly.