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Our surrogates receive excellent pay and Sensible care

In most cases there is little or no wait to find a surrogate mother through our services, and her pay (while high by local standards) is far more affordable than Western surrogates.

Find a surrogate motherYour surrogate mother is now available at affordable IVF clinics in Kiev, Kenya or the United States. To find a surrogate mother overseas is much simpler than locating and interviewing surrogates for typical surrogacy programs in North America or Canada.

Sensible Surrogacy and our partner agencies will manage both the search and medical evaluation of your surrogate mother.

Unlike typical surrogacy programs, the surrogate’s full compensation, personal expenses, legal agreements, and prenatal care are all managed in one package. It is not necessary for Future Parents to separately locate potential surrogate mothers, legal services, and medical providers.

Surrogate mother note 1Surrogate mothers in Kiev and Cambodia are pre-evaluated and readily available with no waiting period. In the United States, our clinic will evaluate and match your surrogate mother through an 8-week screening process. In either clinic, the difference in medical and legal expenses (as well as cost of living adjustments) means that your surrogate can be very well compensated while still keeping your costs low.

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The surrogate mother who carries and will eventually give birth to your child is carefully screened and medically evaluated. Our goal is to make sure every surrogate is healthy both physically and emotionally.

Our selected surrogate mothers are all from 22-32 years of age, which maximizes the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The surrogates are screened at both medical and psychological levels, including tests for infectious diseases as well as family history of illnesses that could impact a successful pregnancy. Psychological screening ensures the surrogate is fully competent and comfortable with the procedure. In addition, all surrogates have had successful pregnancies in the past.

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How Much to Pay a Surrogate Mother?

Surrogate mothers are typically paid the same as their US counterparts, but differences in cost of living, costs of medical care, and legal expenses, make surrogacy costs much more affordable for Western couples.

A surrogate mother in the United States may earn about $40,000 USD for her 9-month effort. That’s about the equivalent of a minimum wage paycheck, 24-hours a day, for the full term of a pregnancy! Surrogates also demand a lot of extras, including new clothes, transportation, lost wages, household expenses, and more.

In Kiev, local surrogate mothers earn the same compensation adjusted for cost of living. According to the Consumer Prices Index, $10,000 USD is the equivalent of $25,000 in local currency in Kiev. So a surrogate earning only $10,000 overseas would receive pay similar to her US counterpart when adjusted for cost of living.

According the United States Consumer Prices Index (Including Rent)…

  • Consumer Prices in Phnom Penh 50% lower than in Los Angeles
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Kiev are 70% lower than those in Los Angeles
  • Rent Prices in Kiev are just 20% of those in Los Angeles
  • Restaurant Prices in Phnom Pehn are 70% less than in Los Angeles
  • Groceries Prices in Kiev are 60% lower than in Los Angeles

Similar figures are available for all our overseas destinations, where cost of living is much lower than in the US.
In addition, a surrogate mother overseas receives a housing stipend, medical care, food, transportation expenses, and other benefits as part of her agreement. In a typical US program, surrogates would pay those costs either themselves, or they would be additional expenses charged to the Intended Parents. So in all, the surrogate may be better compensated than US surrogates.

Make the cost of living comparison yourself, and you can see that finding a surrogate mother overseas not only makes it affordable to start your family abroad, but also provides an excellent opportunity for your surrogate.


Treating Your Surrogate Mother Ethically

Both Sensible Surrogacy and our professionals in Asia practice ‘Ethical Surrogacy.’ We are focused on the health of your surrogate mother and egg donor, who will be so vital to your new family, and we take special effort to ensure their complete physical and emotional well being.

We ensure that your surrogate mother and donor receive excellent remuneration. For many surrogates the experience is life-altering. We offer financial benefits and opportunities that most of these women could never realize otherwise.

We provide your surrogate mother with the best medical care during and after her pregnancy through our associated IVF clinic. In our India clinic, surrogates and their families are housed in a dedicated apartment complex with an on-premise caretaker and a nearby doctor on call 24×7. Of course the surrogates’ privacy is totally protected according to their own wishes.

By choosing Ethical Surrogacy, our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a choice not just to change their own lives but also help their donors and the surrogates improve theirs.

Ethical Guidelines for Surrogate Mothers

We’ve read the reports of unscrupulous profiteers who exploit surrogate mothers. Such practices are a threat to women and to our practice, which is why we are committed to the Ethical Treatment of our surrogates and donors.

Sensible Surrogacy (and our affiliated agencies in Asia) are proud to take a leading role in establishing Ethical Surrogacy Guidelines to ensure the well-being of your surrogate mother and donors.

‘Ethical Surrogacy’ includes a set of guidelines that ensure that the welfare of the surrogate mother is given fundamental importance. Among the components of Ethical Surrogacy:

  • Providing the surrogate mother with 24/7 medical care
  • Providing clean and safe housing for the surrogate
  • Continuing medical care and housing even after the delivery
  • Providing emotional and psychological support
  • Respecting the surrogates’ rights to privacy
  • Offering the excellent compensation, including non-cash options.

Where we provide housing, we provide private, clean and safe apartments. The apartment facility has a 24/7 caregiver living on the premises, and offers assistance with cleaning and cooking. We provide a doctor on call 24X7 in close proximity to the surrogate housing.

We believe in the philosophy that ‘money is not everything in life’. Parents often find that working with Sensible Surrogacy gives them the satisfaction of knowing that they have made an ethical choice and are able to bring a positive change in the lives of their Egg Donor and their Surrogate.

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