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Surrogacy in the United States

Surrogacy in the United States

Affordable services in the world’s most trusted destination


Sensible Surrogacy is happy to recommend a unique program for surrogacy in the United States at a cost that is almost half of typical US surrogacy programs.

Surrogacy in the United States ChildTypical surrogacy in the United States requires the Future Parents to do a lot of work and spend a lot of money. The parents have to find their own surrogate, their own clinic and their own legal counsel. Agents may be available to help — often at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. The process is complicated and expensive, and out of reach of most couples.

Read more details about how the US/Mexico cross border program works.

Sensible Surrogacy’s experience overseas has taught us the value of simplicity. We have helped develop and can now recommend an all-in-one package modeled after successful services overseas. Our program includes all components of the surrogacy process. For one fee we can arrange all medical procedures (including the IVF, embryo transfer prenatal care and the delivery), legal contracts and filings, the surrogate compensation and expenses as well as the logistical support of our team in the U.S. and worldwide. For a strictly managed and transparent budget, the entire program is managed by our team of partners, from recruiting and evaluating your surrogate mother to helping you return safely home with your new baby.

The U.S. is the international gold standard for surrogacy, and (along with the Ukraine) has the most favorable surrogacy laws worldwide. Success rates among U.S. IVF clinics are the best worldwide. Birth certificates are automatically issued with the name of the Future Parents, and children born via surrogacy agreements in the U.S. are entitled to American citizenship.

Traditional surrogacy programs in the United States cost more than $140,000 USD, but Sensible Surrogacy has developed a package for nearly half the cost of typical US programs. By using an overseas clinic for the IVF procedure, and having the prenatal care and delivery within the United States, Sensible Surrogacy is able to reduce the cost of the surrogacy program by nearly 50%.

Programs are available that offer pay-per-transfer or multiple embryo transfer attempts. Our IVF clinic is recognized worldwide, and the medical staff have years of successful experience. As an added benefit, for qualifying couples, Sensible Surrogacy will waive our Agency Fee until you achieve a successful pregnancy. We make that offer because we are confident that this unique program in the United States will allow almost any couple to complete their family through surrogacy.

How does “Sensible” Surrogacy in the United States work?


Surrogacy in the United States TestimonialTypical surrogacy programs in the United States are very complicated and expensive. Future Parents must find their own surrogate, their own clinic, and their own legal resources. Often an expensive consulting agency is need to help them navigate and negotiate all these components.

The “Sensible” surrogacy solution has borrowed management process developed in our overseas surrogacy programs, which follow a simplified process. The complicated elements of typical US programs have been standardized, negotiated and included in a single program. Our overseas clinic will perform the IVF procedure for a fraction of what US clinics will charge. The streamlined administration allows us to manage the program more efficiently and quickly.

Under this “cross-border” program, clinical procedures including egg donation, endometrial stimulation, and ICSI/IVF are performed at the Mexico clinic, which specializes in surrogacy in Mexico. After the healthy embryos are conceived they are sent to the U.S. for transfer to the surrogate. The surrogate mother is an American resident and citizen, and her complete prenatal care takes place in the United States under the watch of our excellent U.S. obstetrician. The delivery will also happen in a U.S. hospital.

The result of the reduced fees of the Mexico clinic and the improved management following international models reduces the cost of the entire IVF and surrogacy in the United States to as little as $75,000 USD.


Is surrogacy in the United States Legal?

Surrogacy-in-the-United-States-lawSensible surrogacy’s US program takes place in the US state of California, which has among the most favorable surrogacy legal frameworks worldwide.

As of January 1, 2013, California law (AB1217) now is completely clear that gestational surrogacy is legal as long as appropriate rules are followed. According to the law, the parents of a child born under a surrogacy agreement will be the couple named in the agreement, and local Family Law courts must abide by the the terms of the surrogacy agreement. In addition, a legal declaration of the child’s parentage can be decided even before the child is born using a pre-birth order.

From the text of the law:

“The judgment or order [regarding the legal parents of a child] shall establish the parent-child relationship of the intended parent(s) identified in the surrogacy agreement. It shall also establish that the surrogate, her spouse, or partner is not a parent of, and has no parental rights or duties with respect to, the child or children.”


If you have a valid surrogacy agreement that names you as the child’s Intended Parent, you will be the legal parent even if the child is not genetically related to you. In other words, you can be named the legal parent of a baby regardless of the whether the child is conceived from your eggs or your sperm. Intended Parents can use donated eggs, donated sperm or both and still be the legal parents of their child, as long as all surrogacy laws are complied with.

In California, surrogacy is an equally good and legal option for singles as for couples, for unmarried couples as for married couples, and for gay couples as for straight couples. What matters is that the intended parent or parents make sure that they are represented by skilled and experienced counsel who will make sure that all the details are covered. As long as everything is done correctly, all parties – intended parents and surrogates – will be well-protected.

Future Parents, Find Affordable Options Worldwide!

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