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Surrogacy in Mexico

Surrogacy in Mexico is Still an Option!

Announcing unique combined U.S. & Mexico surrogacy services

We are proud to announce new programs that combine the low cost of surrogacy in Mexico with the full benefits of a United States program… for all loving couples!

Surrogacy-in-MexicoA new model for IVF programs have dramatically reduced costs for coples seeking surrogacy in Mexico and the United States. The procedures include IVF at well-equipped IVF centers in Mexico with the pregnancy and birth in the United States.

The “cross-border” programs fully adhere to new restrictions on surrogacy in Mexico, provides the security of U.S. surrogacy laws, while also reducing the total cost of surrogacy to about half of typical American surrogacy programs.

Read more about the legal framework for surrogacy in the United States.

The U.S. is the international gold standard for fertility treatments, including surrogacy. Unlike surrogacy in Mexico, the U.S. is has explicit laws supporting surrogacy contracts. Birth certificates issued under surrogacy agreements automatically include the name of the Future Parents as the legal mother and father.

Laws in several U.S. states also permit commercial services that support surrogates and Future Parents. Children born via surrogacy agreements in the U.S. are entitled to American citizenship.

Traditional surrogacy programs in the United States have cost more than $140,000 USD, but through partnerships with IVF clinics in Mexico, we can now offer a complete package for a fraction of that price. All-in-all, Sensible Surrogacy programs combine surrogacy in Mexico and the U.S. is about half the cost of traditional U.S. surrogacy programs.

Under the new programs, clinical procedures including egg donation, endometrial stimulation, and ICSI/IVF are performed at our clinic, which specializes in surrogacy in Mexico. After the healthy embryos are conceived they are sent to the U.S. for transfer to the surrogate. The surrogate mother is an American resident and citizen, and her complete prenatal care takes place in the United States under the watch of our excellent U.S. obstetrician. The delivery will also happen in a U.S. hospital.

Unlike typical U.S. style surrogacy programs, Future Parents do not need to supply their own surrogate, their own clinic or their own legal resources. Learning valuable lessons from our very successful surrogacy programs overseas, our U.S./Mexico program brings all these components together for a single price. The more efficient administration of the program further allows us to dramatically reduce costs.

Our partner clinic in Mexico is home to assisted reproduction specialists that are national leaders in their field and among the most experienced in IVF and surrogacy in Mexico. The clinic boasts more than fifteen years of experience helping infertile couples start families. It is a leader in Medical Tourism for fertility treatments and serves an international clientele, with 90% of IVF patients arriving from foreign countries.

What’s the New Law on Surrogacy in Mexico…

Surrogacy in MexicoIn January 2016 new regulations regarding surrogacy in the Mexico state of Tobasco (passed by the Parliament in December) were written into law and became effective immediately.

As a result, this final state to permit surrogacy is no longer an option for our surrogacy program. Under federal Family Law statutes, ” surrogacy in Mexico is not prohibited, but it is restricted generally by the individual states.

In general, the new law includes the following new restrictions on surrogacy in Mexico…

  • Intended parents must be Mexican citizens;
  • Intended parents must be heterosexual, married couples;
  • The intended parents must show that they are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves.
  • Intended parents must be between twenty-five and forty years of age.


All intended parents must provide evidence, via a medical certificate issued by her personal physician of an accredited institution, to be unable to carry out a pregnancy themselves. Parents must also be between twenty-five and forty years of age and are subject to medical examinations to be decided by the Secretary of Health.

Once the contract for surrogacy in Mexico is signed before Public Notary, it must also be approved by a judge, who will legally acknowledge the link between the contracting parties and the fetus. Following the birth, the parentage of the newborn also must be legally settled through a full adoption process in Mexico, approved by a local judge, under the terms of the new law.


Surrogacy in MexicoAside from the option of surrogacy in Mexico, there are still excellent, less-expensive options available for couples who want to start their surrogacy journey. Our network of excellent IVF clinics extends to multiple countries, and we are happy to be make these options available.

The options moving forward are now:

Surrogacy in Kenya:

Kenyan clinics support same-sex couples and singles parents, and also are among the most affordable destinations worldwide for surrogacy. There are reputable clinics, including branches of successful clinics from India.

The Sensible Surrogacy partner clinic is founded by highly-trained professionals from India and serves an international clientele.

There is no specific legislation regarding surrogacy in Kenya, but surrogacy in Kenya is widely tolerated as a fertility treatment. The Kenyan constitution guarantees the right to form and be part of a family. The local government has been actively working on draft legislation to make surrogacy legal and safe. That said, the legislation was drafted in 2015 but it has not yet been passed in the past 2 years of consideration.

Surrogacy in Kiev:

The most legally stable and secure destination overseas is the Ukraine. The Ukraine has explicit Federal legislation supporting surrogacy contracts for heterosexual, married couples. (While couples need to be married, there is no requirement on the length of the marriage, so newlyweds are also able to pursue surrogacy in Ukraine.)

Kiev is a popular destination for European couples, and has a long history in facilitating international adoption. Since 2009 the country has been growing as a hub for overseas surrogacy. We work with a variety of clinics in Kiev, and we offer a exclusive “guarantee” program that refunds 90% of your clinical fees if your surrogate does not become pregnant.

Feel free to contact us to learn about the alternatives to surrogacy in Mexico. Including current and upcoming programs, and special packages such a “Guarantee” and “Money Back” programs in Cambodia and Kiev.


Same-Sex Couples, Start Your Family Here…

We are surrogacy parents ourselves, and will gladly share our experience and expertise at no cost. Contact us now. We never charge for consultation, and will work with you with no obligation until you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

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