Sensible Surrogacy is Affordable, Complete, and Personal ART and Surrogacy Solutions

We are an ethical IVF & surrogacy consultancy with client support in Europe and North America. We arrange affordable, complete and experienced surrogacy services through our overseas consultants and network of medical and legal service providers.
About-Sensible-SurrogacyOur mission is to help couples create loving families.

We compile complete solutions for couples looking for assisted reproduction, IVF or surrogacy. Our advisory and management services will simplify every step of your journey, including complete budgeting and costs management, arranging high-quality egg donation and gestation carriers, all aspects of IVF and pre-natal care, plus assistance with all legal issues including your baby’s immigration and citizenship documents.

Sensible Surrogacy is not a “Baby Factory”, and we do not sell or guarantee babies in exchange for payments. We provide the best possible advice on how to start your new family, and then coordinate with world-class IVF clinics, egg donation agencies, and other overseas services to make starting your family simple and straightforward.

Note-Card-4Our expert consultants are worldwide — from the United States, Europe and even China. Our service network includes medical, legal and logistical professionals in Kiev, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Beijing and Cambodia. Through our network, we have delivered dozens of babies through surrogacy since we started in 2011.

We are personally experienced with the legal and cultural issues with assisted reproduction in North America and Europe. There is no guesswork; we can help you create your complete family, and bring your newborn family home safely and legally.


What is “Ethical Surrogacy”:

Both Sensible Surrogacy and our service providers worldwide practice ‘Ethical Surrogacy.’ We are focused on the well being of our surrogates and egg donors, and we take special efforts to ensure their complete physical and emotional care.
We provide surrogates and donors with excellent remuneration. For many surrogates the experience is life-altering. We offer financial benefits, medical care, and opportunities that most of these women would never realize otherwise.

By choosing Ethical Surrogacy, our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a choice not just to change their own lives but also help their donors and surrogates improve theirs.

Below is the crux of our Ethical Surrogacy philosophy. These 5 points are how we ensure that our surrogates are treated fairly and are able to make the most of the life-changing opportunity that being a surrogate can offer:

  • Independent medical evaluation of the surrogate by an independent doctor not directly affiliated with the agency.
  • Independent legal advice by a local lawyer not directly affiliated with the agency, in the surrogate’s native language.
  • Medical care for the surrogate and her family during the pregnancy and recovery period.
  • Where requested, housing in a safe, clean apartment with a dedicated staff to provide medical oversight as well as daily support.
  • Voluntary meetings (via Skype or in person) between the IPs and the donor or surrogate, to foster positive relationships.
  • Where possible, criminal background checks (for sex offenses) on potential Intended Parents.


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