A Revolutionary Approach to Your Surrogacy Journey

Sensible Surrogacy is a new way to pursue Gestational Surrogacy based on transparency, personal involvement, and lower costs. We are changing the way that childless couples complete their families.

Cost of surrogacy noteSensible Surrogacy is THE expert resource in international surrogacy. Since 2012 we’ve helped dozens of childless couples from 5 continents to become parents. We now offer unique, low-cost, high-success surrogacy options with clinics in Los Angeles, Dallas, Bogota and Kiev.

Our Guiding Principle: Sensible Surrogacy believes that the best surrogacy journey involves a Loving Couple working in a personal relationship with a Surrogate Mother to form a new family. We encourage parents to be personally involved in their surrogacy journey, and to share this amazing experience with their Surrogate.

This revolutionary approach makes the surrogacy process smoother and more rewarding, while dramatically reducing the cost of surrogacy.

Our Ethical Approach: We are 100% independent and NOT financially tied to any particular clinic or service provider. We don’t receive any money from clinics, and we don’t add any markup on the procedures or services you buy. Our success is not measured in money, but in happy endings.

Our only priority is helping you make smart, informed choices – so you will get pregnant and return home with your baby with the least hassle and the lowest cost possible.

Our Promise to You: Sensible Surrogacy is not a “Baby Factory”, and we do not sell or guarantee babies in exchange for payments. We promise to stand by your side throughout your surrogacy journey. We also can coordinate your entire journey for you, working with our superior IVF clinics, egg donation agencies, and other services.

However you choose, we make starting your new family easy and affordable.

Why Work with Sensible Surrogacy?

There are a lot of options for surrogacy worldwide.  Some options are safer and more successful than others.  Finding a program that suits your individual situation, temperament and finances can be a challenge.  Agencies and clinics are not reliable sources of information because they often only promote their own programs.

Sensible Surrogacy is independent of any agency or clinic.  We are your guide through the all the options, and help you understand which is the best for your individual circumstance.

Sensible Surrogacy has been helping Intended Parents since 2012.  We’ve helped hundreds of new parents find the surrogacy programs that are right for them, and we’ve brought dozens of new babies into the world.  We have expertise in programs on five continents, and we understand the legal framework, opportunities and risks in most destinations worldwide.

Unlike typical ‘Surrogacy Agencies’, we have no exclusivity to any clinic and receive no payments or commissions from any service provider. We are completely free to advise you on the best destination based on your individual situation.  We work only on behalf of our clients, with no conflicts of interest. We are 100% focused on your ultimate success.

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