Surrogacy in the Ukraine is tightly restricted, which is why it is one of the few countries with a successful and secure commercial surrogacy service. The current legislation protects the rights of both the parents and the surrogate mothers. It also prevents abuse of the commercial surrogacy by ensuring that only legitimate parents who are really in need have access to surrogacy.

Among the restrictions to surrogacy in Ukraine is the medical necessity of the Intended Parents. All parents must provide a doctor’s statement that surrogacy is a necessary option for one of the following medical reasons…

Note-Card-71. Absence of uterus.

2. Deformation of cavity of uterus or cervix of the uterus (either congenital or due to surgical interference or non-malignant neoplasm that makes pregnancy impossible).

3. Structural-morphological or anatomical changes of endometrium that causes loss of receptivity, synechia of cavity of uterus that are not treatable/correctable.

4. Grave somatic diseases that do not have influence on health of a future child but make pregnancy jeopardize health or life of a patient.

5. At least 4 or more failed IVF attempts that involved good quality embryos that have been conceived as result of multiple IVF attempts.

In addition to these medical requirements, IPs must be legally married and have a notarized copies of their passports and a marriage certificate with an apostille stamp.