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SENSIBLE is pleased to report that travel restrictions in Ukraine will be lifted as of June 15. The announcement was made on May 27 by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Protection. With this news, the surrogacy programs in Kiev can soon return to (nearly) normal operations.

For those who can read Ukrainian, you can read the details here. Otherwise, here is the announcement by the head of the Ministry of Health (via Google translate)…

“According to the quarantine recovery plan, the air service will be resumed starting on June 15. But I want to remind you that when a person returns to Ukraine, according to the established norms, he must go to self-isolation, having established a program of actions at home, and stay in self-isolation for 14 days.”

Of course this is excellent news for the hundreds of couples who have been separated from their babies because of the pandemic. The difficult situation has been reported throughout the media in recent weeks.

Intended Parents will be able to fly into Kiev to begin their IVF cycles as well as return to Kiev to attend the birth of their babies. A 14 day self-quarantine is required for visitors entering the country. So couples planning to attend the birth of their babies should plan to arrive 2 weeks prior to the delivery.

Surrogacy programs have been ongoing throughout the Covid situation (following guidelines of the Ministry of Health Protection) but new parents could not arrive for sperm or egg donation. Those programs that had been placed on hold will now be able to restart.

If you would like to learn more about how to begin a program in Ukraine under the relaxed guidelines, contact a SENSIBLE consultant at We’re available most days for a Skype chat.