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SENSIBLE’s list of the most safe & reliable surrogacy destinations.

Is Surrogacy in Developing Countries Secure?

In many countries, surrogacy programs pop-up because there are no legal restrictions and fewer barriers to entry for an opportunistic surrogacy agency. But just because surrogacy in “not illegal” in some country, that does not mean it’s secure. There are still plenty of risks in unregulated countries.

Surrogacy is now legal in Vietnam

The Vietnam National Assembly has ratified the amended Marriage & Family Law, which allows surrogacy in the country. However, the issue of same-sex marriage is still out of the scope of this law. The measure was far from unanimous. Only 59.1 percent of deputies voted in favor. The contents of the bill were so contentious…
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Japan considers conflicting surrogacy laws

Two committees of Japanese lawmakers from the same Liberal Democratic Party are drafting legislation that would either legalize surrogacy in some cases, or conversely further prohibit surrogacy births. Japan has no current law that regulates surrogacy. The relevant government committee (Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry) as well as the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology…
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Can I save money with a cheap IVF clinic overseas?

There are excellent IVF clinics in many countries overseas – and many are much more affordable than a typical US clinic. So it’s tempting to perform your IVF overseas and then bring your embryos to the US for the surrogacy part of the journey. But wait! It’s not that easy.

Is surrogacy illegal even if I travel abroad?

Depending on your local laws, it may be necessary to travel abroad for legal surrogacy. Fortunately there are very few countries where the against surrogacy extend to journeys performed abroad. But there are still challenges when returning home.

Can I ship my sperm or egg donation to the overseas clinic?

It is possible to ship a frozen sperm sample to our overseas clinics. However most parents find it is much cheaper to just travel to the clinic and leave donation in person. The cost of shipping a frozen sperm sample or vitrified eggs will be about $3,000 USD from most Western cities to Eastern Europe,…
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How many trips are needed for an overseas surrogacy journey?

Whether you are pursuing your surrogacy journey at home or abroad, you will need to make two visits to the surrogacy clinic. The first trip is to make your egg and/or sperm donation. The second visit will be to attend the delivery and arrange for the baby’s return home. Trip #1: Making Donations Sperm donors…
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