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Is Surrogacy in Developing Countries Secure?

In many countries, surrogacy programs pop-up because there are no legal restrictions and fewer barriers to entry for an opportunistic surrogacy agency. But just because surrogacy in “not illegal” in some country, that does not mean it’s secure. There are still plenty of risks in unregulated countries.

WHO will redefine infertility to support Gay Surrogacy

A dramatic change to the definition of ‘infertility’ by the World Health Organization could open the door to gay surrogacy rights to millions of same-sex couples. According to statements by doctors inside the WHO, the organization may redefine infertility so that everyone who wants a child but cannot will be considered infertile. The definition would…
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Children of same-sex couples are healthier and happier

Same-sex parents have been challenged to reinvent the nuclear family… and it is a challenge often rooted in our own turbulent family experiences. Now it seems it’s a challenge with it’s own rewards, allowing us to build happier and healthier families. According to a new study, same-sex families are forced to break traditional gender stereotypes,…
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California becomes even more safe for Gay Surrogacy

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law that will further strengthen gay surrogacy agreements in California. The legislation will prevent California-parents, including members of the LGBT community, from having their parental rights questioned outside the state by giving California courts jurisdiction over any issues involving the parental rights of Californians who have had…
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