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All the legal hurdles and dilemmas of surrogacy worldwide.

Is Surrogacy in Developing Countries Secure?

In many countries, surrogacy programs pop-up because there are no legal restrictions and fewer barriers to entry for an opportunistic surrogacy agency. But just because surrogacy in “not illegal” in some country, that does not mean it’s secure. There are still plenty of risks in unregulated countries.

Can a surrogate mother keep the baby?

If you have a properly executed Surrogacy Contract in a country with a supportive legal framework then the simple answer is NO, the surrogate cannot keep your baby. Unfortunately too many couples decide to skip the legal safeguards and open themselves up to all sorts of risks – including that the surrogate may have a legal claim to parental rights.

Is surrogacy illegal even if I travel abroad?

Depending on your local laws, it may be necessary to travel abroad for legal surrogacy. Fortunately there are very few countries where the against surrogacy extend to journeys performed abroad. But there are still challenges when returning home.