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surrogate mothers dayOn May 8 families across the United States will show appreciation to deserving mothers across the country. But Mother’s Day can also be a harsh reminder to many women that they may never experience the joy of being mothers themselves.

While families across the United States celebrate motherhood, 6.7 million women in the U.S. — about 11% of the reproductive-age population – suffer from infertility that will prevent them from having children, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 90% of infertility cases will be treated with medication or surgery. But for the remaining tens of thousands of infertile women, IVF and Assisted Reproduction is the key to the dream of becoming a family. For many, Gestational Surrogacy is the safe and secure option that will lead to the joy of motherhood.

“Despite the recent controversy spun up by the media, Gestational Surrogacy is a healthy and reliable treatment option for infertile women,” says William Houghton, Director of Sensible Surrogacy. “There are thousands of women who suffer years of fertility treatments and failed pregnancies, and in the end are left emotionally and financially exhausted. But with the help of a caring Surrogate Mother, these women are given a second chance at motherhood.”

“We owe these women a huge debt of gratitude. Somehow in the debate about how surrogacy should be regulated, we’ve lost sight of the amazing gift that these women offer.”

To remind people of this great gift, Sensible Surrogacy is promoting “Surrogate Mothers Day” on Monday, May 9, 2016. The special day follows directly on the footsteps of traditional Mothers Day. The uncommon holiday is an occasion to pay respects to the women who volunteer to help infertile women achieve their dreams of becoming mothers themselves.

“I think it’s time, amid the debate surrounding surrogacy, to take a moment and recognize the real people who are offering so much for the benefit of infertile couples – both in the United States and worldwide. They are not just talking points in a political debate – these are real women who deserve an enormous debt of gratitude.”

Sensible Surrogacy believes all parents should show their appreciation for surrogate mothers on May 9. If you know someone who has served as a surrogate mother, send them a note and let them know how supportive you feel about what they’ve done.

If you don’t know a surrogate mother personally, Sensible Surrogacy will send a card on your behalf to one of the thousands of women serving as a surrogate in the United States this year. To request a card to be sent in your name, fill out the form at the Sensible Surrogacy website.

“Regardless of how you feel about surrogacy personally, we should all support these remarkable women who are offering so much to so many childless couples,” says Houghton. At least one day a year we can put aside the debate over politics and legislation and focus on the individual lives that are involved. This is that opportunity.”

When someone requests a card be sent via the surrogacy consultancy, they will send an appreciative e-card or paper greeting card to one of the surrogate mothers now assisting an infertile couple through the Sensible Surrogacy consultancy, or on behalf of clients of one of their sister agencies. Senders can provide a supportive message or remain anonymous.

“We hope this small show of support will help make their nine months of work a bit easier and a bit more gratifying,” said Houghton.

Send a Supportive Message to a Surrogate Mother

Please complete the following form to send a e-card or postal card to a woman now assisting an infertile family as a surrogate mother.

Do you have any medical issue that could effect your pregnancy? YesNo
Do you take anti-depressants? YesNo
Do you smoke cigarettes? YesNo
Have you ever been arrested? YesNo
Do you have health insurance? YesNo
Have you been a surrogate mother before? YesNo


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