Step 1:

Choosing Your IVF and Surrogacy Options

Surrogacy Options Step 1The surrogacy process begins with a free no-obligation fertility evaluation through our partner IVF clinic. (We will respond to your query within 48 hours.)

If you decide that the SENSIBLE Surrogacy Agency can help you further, we will then start the process of locating & screening an egg donor and/or a surrogate that suits your needs.

While this is happening, SENSIBLE will be working in the background getting contracts ready and signed by all concerned parties, establishing escrow accounts, arranging insurance for the surrogate, etc.

Once a donor and surrogate are selected and approved by our IVF Clinic, medical treatments will synchronize their cycles and prepare the donor and surrogate for the IVF procedure. At this time, the intended parents will plan their visit to our clinic.

Surrogacy Options

Pre-Natal_There are a number of possible surrogacy procedures and packages available through SENSIBLE. Here are the most popular options:

OPTION 1: Surrogacy options with a local egg donor

This is the most affordable option. Local egg donors are often younger and donate more eggs because they are subjected to the stress of international travel. We can provide a list of local donors (depending on your surrogacy destination) who are available at any time. (More about Local Egg Donors)

OPTION 2: Surrogacy options with an egg donor from an external agency

Many parents understandable prefer a donor that resembles themselves. In these cases, we work with a number of international agencies to provide donors of almost any ethnicity. The donor compensation is paid directly to the external agency, who then coordinates with us and our clinic on the donor’s treatments and travel schedule. (More about International Egg Donors)

OPTION 3: IVF & Surrogacy options using the Future Mother’s own eggs

Many women choose to donate their own eggs at our clinic, so they remain the genetic mother of the child. In this case the mother will undergo fertility injections at our clinic for about 2 weeks (less if she has access to a fertility doctor at home who can coordinate with our clinic). Prior to injections, the mother may require additional medications at home for about 1 month. (More about donating your own eggs)

OPTION 4: Surrogacy only, using embryos fertilized at another clinic

Parents who have undergone fertility treatments in their home country have frozen embryos at their own clinic. An available surrogacy option is to ship these embryos and implant them into a waiting surrogate at our clinic.

OPTION 5: IVF with 2 surrogates and 1 egg donor (local or international)

This surrogacy options implants two surrogates with two embryos each, resulting an 85% probability of at least one pregnancy, and a 50% probability of twins. In the case of same-sex couples, each of the Future Fathers can be the genetic father of one of the twins. (The babies will be related to each other through the egg donor.)

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