Surrogacy in Mexico has become the latest international victim to profiteering and unethical practices by overseas clinics and agencies. The concern that we see about surrogacy in Mexico’s parliament reflects a reaction to what has become a familiar cycle of boom and bust for oversease surrogacy destinations.

New reports show that while most parents have had successful programs for surrogacy in Mexico, returning home with the baby they long desired, some others have had far different experiences. Quality of the surrogacy experience suffered due to lax enforcement of contracts between parents and surrogates, and the sudden desire of local clinics to “cash in” on a sudden market for inexpensive, legal surrogacy services.

Low cost surrogacy destinations typically attract large numbers of eager parents, and when that happens there is a sudden “boom” in IVF and surrogacy births. Of course with growth also comes the growth of malfeasance and profiteering. Too often “Low cost” comes hand-in-hand with profiteering.

The government in Tobasco (like similar governments in Nepal and Thailand) has reacted with a comprehensive prohibition on surrogacy, rather than legislation and enforcement based on a long-term vision. Other affordable destinations have recently closed their borders to foreigners looking for surrogacy, including India, Thailand, and Nepal. The result is inflation in the cost of surrogacy worldwide.

Contrast this to the approach taken by Cambodia and Ukraine. There is no specific legislation regarding surrogacy in Cambodia, so the local government is now considering new restrictions. The Interior Ministry has been actively working with IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies to draft effective legislation to make surrogacy legal and safe. That’s good news for both local surrogates and foreign parents, as new legislation would make surrogacy more safe, secure, and profitable.

Meanwhile Ukraine is one of the few countries worldwide with explicit legislation supporting surrogacy contracts. As a result clinics are well managed, well regulated, safe and secure. Ukraine is perhaps the most safe and stable overseas destination for surrogacy procedures.

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