Travel to your clinic and make your Sperm Donation

IVF-ProcedureIn previous steps you have already chosen your donation date, and your clinic has provided a full schedule for the procedure. So the only remaining task for you is to travel to the clinic and make your sperm donation.

If you are traveling abroad to make your donation, you should consider leaving two samples. This is valuable in case there is a problem with the first sample (or if the clinic needs to repeat the IVF procedure in the future) it can do so without requiring you to return to the clinic for a new donation.

Most clinics recommend that you are abstinent for at least 3 days prior to your sperm donation. So if you are making two donations, assume you will need a total of four days to make both donations.

On a personal note, fertility clinics are not very stimulating environments, and it is not unusual for sperm doors to have difficulty making their donation. Fortunately, only a small amount of semen is needed to satisfy the clinic’s requirements. However, it may be advisable that donors bring their own reading material with them to the clinic to help with the process. (This can be especially true for gay donors, for whom material provided by the clinic may not be suitable.)

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