Step 4:

Pregnancy & Prenatal Care

Stage4-big_After a successful pregnancy has been confirmed, SENSIBLE Surrogacy will house the surrogate and her family in a personal apartment — ensuring she has a clean, stress free environment in which to complete the pregnancy.

Domestic help is available to assist the surrogate with cleaning and cooking. A caretaker also lives in the facility to look after the surrogates; plus there is a nearby doctor on call 24 hours a day.

Payments by the Future Parents can be made over the course of the pregnancy. The first payment is made when pregnancy is confirmed. At the start of the 2nd trimester a second installment of the surrogate compensation is released. Payments for surrogate housing and the surrogate’s caretaker are also released. The final payment of surrogate compensation is made at the beginning of the 3rd trimester.

Most importantly, the SENSIBLE Surrogacy Agency (through our IVF doctor) provides support, continual updates, and guidance to both the Future Parents and the surrogate. Sonogram scans are regularly sent to the Future Parents, along with the results of all tests and examinations.

NOTE: This is a good time for the Future Parents to contact their embassy or consulate in Mumbai or Bangkok and begin arranging a passport and a VISA for the newborn.

Consulate requirements often change, so it’s important for the parents to be in-touch with the local officials both early in the pregnancy and just before the anticipated birth.

Read more about the ethical care and treatment of our surrogates.

Post-natal care for the Surrogate

Surrogacy-Care_ (1)Even after parents leave the country with their baby, SENSIBLE will continue to look after the surrogate. We have a range of options that allow parents to show their gratitude to the surrogate and her family.

We have relationships with some local Non Governmental Organizations to deliver suitable aid to the surrogate rather than give her a ‘lump sum’ as surrogate compensation. (Please take note that these ‘arrangements’ are over and above the surrogate Compensation that will be made after the confirmation of pregnancy).


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