Birth Certificates & Passports

passport-UK_Many countries where surrogacy is not fully regulated will require the child’s birth certificate to include the name of the birth mother (the surrogate) as well as the genetic father. Without the name of the birth mother, the consulate will not issue a passport.

In these instances we work with the parents, surrogate and local embassy to make sure the anonymity of the surrogate is maintained while still fulfilling the legal requirements of the embassy.

If the parent named on the birth certificate is a citizen of a particular country and is genetically linked to the child, they can lawfully lodge a “citizenship by descent” application with their respective embassy/consulate in Mumbai or Bangkok.

DNA tests are not always required, but may be useful to show paternity. A DNA test from an American or European laboratory may require up to 3 weeks. However accreditd DNA labs are available in Mumbai and Bangkok.

Sensible Surrogacy will help you complete and submit all the paperwork (both medical and legal) with your local consulate to obtain the necessary travel documents. We have a team of family law specialists ready to assist you, with first-hand experience of almost every embassy or consulate’s requirements.

Please note that the embassy/consulate will require the parents to submit the paperwork directly, often with a personal interview (and possibly with the child). Our role will be to guide you and assist you with the paperwork. If the surrogate is required to appear at the embassy/consulate, we will make arrangements for her time and travel and accompany her.

None of the embassies will accept passport applications made from agents.

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