You should download our price sheet with detailed prices for surrogacy procedures in either Mumbai or Bangkok. The cost of surrogacy procedures varies from country to country, as does the success rate and legal requirements. Often there are non-standard expenses that can add thousands to your final price. Sometimes these costs are obvious. Other times the costs are more subtle.

The cost of surrogacy internationally has been increasing. Low cost surrogacy destinations typically attract large numbers of eager parents, and when that happens there is a sudden “boom” in IVF and surrogacy births. Of course with growth also comes the growth of malfeasance and profiteering. “Low cost” often comes hand-in-hand with corruption.

Surrogacy success rates cardThe knee-jerk reaction of some governments has been to prohibit surrogacy rather than expend energy to understand and legislate based on a long-term vision. Some excellent and affordable destinations have recently closed their borders to foreigners looking for surrogacy, including India, Thailand, and Mexico. The result is inflation in the cost of surrogacy worldwide.

There is an affordable surrogacy solution for all loving couples. Surrogacy costs at our overseas clinics are typically only a fraction of what identical services would cost in the West, with the exact same medical procedures, clinical facilities, and success rates. We invite you to contact us for a free consult. We will work with you to create a detailed budget for your entire procedure, including not just our fees, but travel expenses, possible legal fees, and even unlikely medical contingencies.

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