It is widely noted that Ireland is not the most liberal of places. Until very recently, abortion was still illegal and LGBT issues are frequently the subject of intense debate. Couples who are starting families together through gay surrogacy are still facing struggles in having both parents recognized as legal guardians. The Irish Examiner reported on the challenges that same-sex families must face given the regulations.

Part of the Children and Family Relationship Act, 2015 outlined that there would be a focus on ensuring female couples would both be recognized as legal guardians for their children, but three years later there has been very little movement on this. In May 2016 a new health minister was appointed and despite branding himself as a women’s rights advocate, there has still been no progress leaving many families in surrogacy

There are also many difficulties faced for male same sex couples trying to start a family. General Scheme of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill in October, 2017 was brought into place with a specific section to regulate surrogacy for two men having a child together. Any momentum this movement had has come to a standstill and Mr Harris the health minister cannot be reached for a comment.

Dr Brian Tobin comments that although there is currently empathy for women who wish to terminate a pregnancy, there is little thought given to those who need help initiating one.


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