Yahoo Parenting has published a touching video and article documenting the journey of one man who conceived his family — twin girls — through gay surrogacy in India.

“My name is Alan, and I had my two daughter via surrogacy in India…” says the father in a video montage interview.

Gay Surrogacy Interview“You picture all these things in your head before it happens,” recalls surrogacy father Alan Sangpan. “I picture the tears running down my face. And I picture just that rush of joy. And I did feel all those things. But when it actually happened, I felt more overwhelmed.”

This happy story has a recent happier development… Although he always assumed he would be a single father, Sangpan has now expanded his family to include his partner Cody, making an happy family of four. “We have a beautiful family and a lot of friends who love us,” Sangpan says.

“In the end [surrogacy] turned out to be, probably, the best choice for me.” The rub: local, U.S. surrogacy agencies quoted Sangpan fees “over six figures with no guarantees.” A reproductive doctor that he consulted advised him to consider foreign surrogacy, and suggested India.” Of course now India is off limits to gay couples and singles, but same sex couples are still completing their family dreams in clinics in Mexico or Cambodia, where the prices are a fraction of the US figure.

Every parent sacrifices to build a home, and this family is no different. The young father says he makes sure that his daughters are “surrounded by a lot of love,” which now includes Cody and the family unit that they’ve been developing together. “That’s how I’ve always wanted to raise my kids,” he says. And he couldn’t be happier these days. “There’s really nothing, really, to ever complain about in our life,” he says. “So I just find myself not sweating the small stuff anymore, because at the end of the day, life is pretty good.”

The full interview is available in a heartwarming video about the trials and triumphs of bringing up two little “divas” with his partner as part of Yahoo Parenting’s “What It’s Like” original video series. “Life is good.”