Step 2:

Egg Donation & Surrogate Preparation

Egg Donation Step 2Both your surrogate and chosen egg donor require fertility treatments to ensure an excellent egg donation and positive pregnancy. The treatment process takes about 6 to 8 weeks, during which Future Parents can travel to our clinic and leave their sperm donation and sign the required contracts.

If the Future Mother intends to undergo her own egg donation, she will require the appropriate fertility treatments as well. Treatments can best be described in 3 steps, each is required of every egg donor:

1) Validate the viable candidate. Initial blood tests and ovarian scans will reveal if the egg donor has an adequate supply of eggs, and whether she is likely to respond to the fertility treatments. If the results are poor, a different donor should be sought. These tests/scans can be performed by the donor’s local fertility clinic.

2) Synchronize the cycles. The egg donor’s cycle must be synchronized with that of the surrogate, so that the implantation can happen as soon as the embryos are fertilized and ready. This entails using standard oral contraceptives to suppress the donor’s cycle for about 22 to 28 days. This can happen at the donor’s local clinic.

3) Stimulate follicles. Once the egg donor’s cycle resumes, she immediately begins 15 days of stimulation injections to mature the ovarian follicles and produce viable eggs. These injections typically happen at our clinic, although the first week can be done at a local clinic in coordination with our fertility specialists.

Following these 3 steps, a final ovarian scan will determine if/when the donor is qualified for egg donation.

Visiting Our Clinic for Egg Donation

Surrogacy-in-Kiev-2The Intended Parents will visit Asia in order to sign the contracts, leave a sperm sample for the IVF procedure, and prepare the Intended Mother for egg donation or to receive the fertilized embryos.

If the Intended Mother will be donating her own eggs, the couple should plan to stay nearby for about 2 (see above). She can reduce her stay by coordinating her local fertility doctor with our clinic.

If you will be using an egg donor with the father’s sperm, then the couple will stay for 4 days. (Frozen sperm donations may be collected from home and couriered to our IVF clinic, in which case the stay at our clinic may be even shorter.)

  • Sensible Surrogacy will arrange for airport pick-up and look after you during your entire stay.
  • We will act as liaison between the Intended Parents, surrogate, egg donor (or agency) and the IVF clinic to co-ordinate your visit with the donor’s and surrogate’s cycles.
  • Sensible Surrogacy will arrange for an English speaking driver/guide to be with the Intended Parents during the entire stay.
  • You will also have a vehicle at your disposal and should you wish to see some sights and explore the city or country, our travel agent will help you plan your itinerary, make reservations and take care of other details.


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