For many, starting a new job is daunting enough but imagine being gay and pregnant. This is the exact situation Allison Steinberg found herself in when joining JPMorgan Chase. Thankfully the business has a modern approach to parenting including adoption and gay surrogacy that helped Allison to settle in with fewer worries. Steinberg shared her story and explained all the support she got from the company to Ozy.

JPMorgan Chase have great financial support for parents who are adopting, using surrogacy or having to use assisted reproductive techniques to start their families and Steinberg notes how she saved thousands of dollars in legal fees when ensuring their child was carefully adopted by her partner to give both women parental surrogacy

In what is finally becoming a more inclusive society, many large businesses are starting to improve the support they are giving to a-typical families. General Electric offer 6 weeks paid leave for secondary caregivers covering all sexualities, genders or roots of the family coming to be.

Positive support for LGBT employees also fosters mutual benefits as it helps the company to retain highly skilled individuals in long term careers.


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