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Surrogacy in Canada or Ukraine: Which is the more secure?

Surrogacy with embryo adoption

You’ve likely never heard of Surrogacy in the UK because the laws in the UK make it impossibly difficult to find, manage and compensate your surrogate. Well, Canada has the same laws as the UK – and new enforcement may drastically effect the feasibility of surrogacy in Canada.

Is Surrogacy in Ukraine safe in the political climate?

Yes, Kiev is safe and daily life has been totally unaffected by the tensions with Russia. One of our returning parents told us “Kiev is perfectly safe and the media has blown things out of proportion… any fear comes from the mainstream media bull**it.”

The reason why surrogacy in Ukraine is so pursued

There is a risk of surrogacy in Ukraine being used in the exploitation of women. Jam News reported on a young woman with her own family – Elizaveta Pohudina. Elizaveta has always dreamed of owning her own home but with times being hard, until recently there has been little option for her. She decided to…
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Amid scandals, some ‘Sensible’ advice for surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

No worries… it’s still legal to pursue surrogacy in Ukraine — and there’s no reason to believe that will change soon. That said, two bills have been introduced to the Verkhovna Rada [the Ukrainian parliament] in response to the scandals caused by surrogacy behemoth BioTexCom. So we’re advising all Intended Parents to be smart when considering surrogacy in Ukraine.

Building a family via surrogacy in Ukraine: Aisling and Nick’s story

The Derry Journal recently reported on the story of Aisling and her husband Nick, both in their 30’s who, despite best efforts had been unable to conceive a baby of their own and so chose to use surrogacy in Ukraine. When in her 20’s and studying medicine, a cyst in Aisling’s womb caused severe damage…
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Increasing number of foreign couples using Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is entirely legal, commercial or gestational, but is never openly discussed. With the country being one of the poorest in Europe, many women are seizing the opportunity to earn up to $20,000 by carrying another person’s child. Reports suggest that the demand for Surrogacy in Ukraine has increased by 1000% in 2…
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Three-Parent IVF breakthrough may assist with ART and surrogacy in Ukraine

Advances in science and medicine have allowed doctors to make leaps in reproductive technology. The latest, but slightly controversial development has allowed a specialist in IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine to create a baby using three parents. In this landmark case, the woman had tried unsuccessfully for 15 years to have a child. In recent…
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Ukraine, a more Affordable option for Surrogacy

With the costs of surrogacy in the US far too expensive for many potential parents, and with countries in Asia banning international couples due to cases of exploitation. Surrogacy in Ukraine has become a new source of hope. Last 10 years saw 6,000 children born via surrogacy in Ukraine and 70% of those were for…
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Surrogacy in Ukraine Sees Rapid Growth, Lower Prices

The Kiev Post predicts that surrogacy in Ukraine could see continued growth and lower prices. The boost comes as Mexico, India, Nepal, and Thailand have all banned commercial surrogacy. Meanwhile hard economic and political circumstances have made surrogate motherhood an attractive opportunity for young women. Surrogacy in Ukraine has seen recent growth, and advertisements for…
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Russian restrictions may boost surrogacy in Ukraine

The head of the Russian State Duma committee for the family has threatened to draft a bill that would label surrogacy a form of Human Trafficking. The change could have significant impact on legal surrogacy in Ukraine and other nearby countries. Detaisl of the move can be seen on Russia is now one of…
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