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Surrogacy in Canada or Ukraine: Which is the more secure?

Surrogacy with embryo adoption

You’ve likely never heard of Surrogacy in the UK because the laws in the UK make it impossibly difficult to find, manage and compensate your surrogate. Well, Canada has the same laws as the UK – and new enforcement may drastically effect the feasibility of surrogacy in Canada.

Legal Commercial Surrogacy in Canada has been proposed in the Government

Anthony Housefather, a Canadian MP has proposed that commercial surrogacy in Canada is decriminalised to better legislate and surrogate agreements and support both intended parents and the mothers themselves. BBC News reported on the state of surrogacy in Canada. Questions have been raised with more and more families looking to use surrogacy and the distinct…
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Surrogacy in Canada rising after this case from two decades ago

In 1999 Selina Robinson offered to carry a child for her friend when her and her husband were deemed too old to adopt in one of the first documented cases of surrogacy in Canada. The 3 parties from British Colombia looked into the procedure at a time where there were no surrogacy laws in place…
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Surrogacy in Canada and what is surrogacy’s ethical prognosis

Currently, surrogacy in Canada is only considered legal when the surrogate mother does not receive any financial gain from the process. The hope is that this will prevent those who may be vulnerable from being exploited. However the topic is becoming more frequently discussed as to whether women should have the right to choose exactly…
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Ethical debate on surrogacy in Canada

Currently, surrogacy in Canada is illegal when a person profits from the intended parents. As with many places, “reasonable” costs can be covered, these can be made up of medical bills, loss of earnings from time off, maternity wear etc. The National Post in Canada reflected on a notion put forward by Anthony Housefather MP…
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Liberal MP wants to legalize commercial surrogacy in Canada

Currently, commercial surrogacy in Canada is illegal, but according to Global News, there is an MP who is pushing to have that changed as he feels that Canadians are travelling to other places such as the USA where they can pay surrogates a great deal more for their services. Anthony Housefather, a liberal MP from…
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Tim & Matt’s story: beginning a family through gay surrogacy

Tim Kiladze kindly shared his journey as a gay surrogacy parent. Tim is already a business reporter for The Globe and became a parent along with his husband Matt to their daughter in February 2018. He reflects on the ins and outs of parenting and discusses his new found respect for mothers. You can read…
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Will surrogacy costs now include child-support for Sperm Donors?

Ina bizarre court case regarding surrogacy in Canada, a sperm donor is being asked to pay child support for a baby conceived through a donation made 20 years ago. The case could expand surrogacy costs obliged by gamete donors under a new Ontario law. Twenty years ago, when a Michael Ronson from Ontario was kind…
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Surrogacy in Canada may be expanding, but it’s still tricky

Surrogacy has become an increasingly popular option for couples and individuals seeking to expand their families, especially with the rise of infertility and a growing acceptance of non-traditional families. Surrogacy in Canada has emerged as a leading international option due to a surrogacy friendly environment; just last year 150 babies were born through one Toronto…
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Will surrogacy in Canada continue to fulfill promises?

Recent bans on surrogacy in Mexico, India, and Thailand combined with Canada’s universal health care have made surrogacy in Canada an increasingly popular option for couples and individuals seeking to become parents through assisted reproductive technology. While the circumstances seem to be pointing to Canada as an emerging haven for would-be surrogate parents, it’s still…
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