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PLEASE NOTE: Information in this website is based on personal experience gained over many years of assisting infertile couples. Comments are intended as a Guide for those in need, but should not replace professional medical or legal advise. Any medical questions should ALWAYS be referred to a credentialed medical specialist before beginning any treatment.

Is “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico safe for gay couples?

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UPDATED: You are correct that there is no federal legislation supporting or banning surrogacy in Mexico, but there are “unregulated” programs. An unregulated surrogacy program is just a private agreement between the Intended Parents and the surrogate. If there is any dispute, the contract has no legal weight and can’t be enforced…

Can my partner and I share a surrogate and donor to have twins?

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Almost every same-sex couple asks me about the possibility of twins — one genetically related to each of the fathers. This is possible but there are some important facts that you should know. A lot of clinics will not explain this because they make more money on a Twins program, but twins pregnancies have substantial medical and financial costs….

What’s the likelihood that I won’t get pregnant?

Hello Mark: The typical IVF cycle conceives 5 to 6 high-quality embryos, and you will attempt embryo transfer multiple times. Each attempt has about 82% likelihood of a pregnancy (73% in Mexico, 60% overseas). So assuming the egg and sperm donors are both healthy, it’s unlikely that you would not eventually achieve a pregnancy.

What are my total surrogacy costs if we don’t get pregnant?

…Reputable surrogate programs charge payments only as milestones are reached… So if you perform an IVF cycle but no embryos result, you don’t pay for any embryo transfer or pregnancy. Likewise, if you have the embryo transfer but no pregnancy, then you don’t pay for any of the prenatal care or compensation to the surrogate. If the pregnancy ends prematurely (God forbid!) then you only pay the surrogate’s compensation for the period where she was pregnant.

What’s a “reasonable success rate” in an overseas clinic?

Good morning Benjamin,
The clinics in the developing world (e.g., Kenya, Cambodia, Georgia, etc.) have a pregnancy rate per embryo transfer of about 40% to 60% in general. This is compared to about 85% in the US, and 75% in Canada or Mexico…. A low success rate per FET doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant. It means you should expect to try several transfer attempts to get the same result.

Where can I have an affordable IVF procedure if I don’t need a surrogate?

Hello Whitney,
If you don’t need a surrogate at all, then there are a multitude of affordable options for IVF.  The better American IVF clinics are ranked on the CDC website.  If you are looking for an even lower price, I would recommend an IVF program overseas. Which one you choose depends on where you intend to have the embryo transfer.

Should I have PGD analysis performed on my embryos?

Thanks for the message Palmer.
In general I don’t agree that every couple should have PGD before transferring embryos, but this often depends on the clinic and the lab performing the PGD. For some couples PGD is absolutely necessary, especially couples that have a history of failed pregnancies or miscarriages.

Can we have a friend or family member donate the eggs for our program?

“We are wondering about the process of egg donation and the role it plays in surrogacy, in particular the use of our own egg donor. What are the requirements that need to be met before she would be able to donate.” — Angela and Tony   Good morning Angela and Tony… People often underestimate the…
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What if my surrogate doesn’t get pregnant?

“Medical procedures make me very nervous and I’m worried about the success of our IVF and embryo transfer. If we decide to have a surrogacy program in North America and our surrogate doesn’t get pregnant, how much would we be expected to pay in total?”— Mark & David   Dear Mark. Reputable surrogate programs charge…
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