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Is it possible to hire a surrogate to carry our twins?

Surrogacy Baby

If medical risks aren’t persuasive, there is also a financial argument against having twins. A twins pregnancy doesn’t mean you get an extra baby at no cost… You can expect to pay extra charges for the extra effort and risks.

Surrogacy Cost Guide now Updated for 2020

Independent Surrogacy Service

I just released the updated 2020 “Cost of Surrogacy Guide”. The Guide includes multiple articles to help couples manage the exorbitant and confusing expenses related to gestational surrogacy.

Companies supportive on their employee’s gay surrogacy journey

For many, starting a new job is daunting enough but imagine being gay and pregnant. This is the exact situation Allison Steinberg found herself in when joining JPMorgan Chase. Thankfully the business has a modern approach to parenting including adoption and gay surrogacy that helped Allison to settle in with fewer worries. Steinberg shared her…
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PwC is helping their employees with the cost of surrogacy

Whilst the start-up cost of surrogacy itself can reach well past the $100,000 mark, employers now seem to be doing more and more to help their employees cope with parenthood. Benefit News reported on how certain companies are supporting new parents currently working for them. In recent years, changes have been made to the amount…
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How much would an Embryo Adoption lower the cost of surrogacy?

Surrogacy with embryo adoption

Single women struggling with infertility don’t get many options. Having a baby abroad with both an egg and sperm donor isn’t possible because the baby doesn’t qualify for citizenship. But if the Intended Mother is a U.S. citizen residing in the U.S. then Embryo Adoption can save a lot of time and money.

Is a $500/month surrogacy program realistic?

Surrogacy Gestational Age

I totally understand the struggle to afford a family. Ever since my children were born in India, I have been wracking my brain looking for affordable alternatives to $150K programs in the United States. There is some good news and bad news on that front.

Can I lower the cost of surrogacy with an IVF cycle overseas?

Surrogacy in Ukraine vs Colombia

There are cross-border programs that take advantage of less expensive IVF clinics overseas. The most notable use clinics in Mexico with a surrogate from the United States. But you can also create embryos in Kiev for export. In rare cases you can even use excellent clinics in countries where surrogacy has been tightly restricted….

What are my total surrogacy costs if we don’t get pregnant?

…Reputable surrogate programs charge payments only as milestones are reached… So if you perform an IVF cycle but no embryos result, you don’t pay for any embryo transfer or pregnancy. Likewise, if you have the embryo transfer but no pregnancy, then you don’t pay for any of the prenatal care or compensation to the surrogate. If the pregnancy ends prematurely (God forbid!) then you only pay the surrogate’s compensation for the period where she was pregnant.

Surrogacy costs are large, but some companies offer help to their employees

With surrogacy costs forcing many hopeful parents to clear out their savings, CNN Money takes a look at what some businesses are doing to support their employees’ dreams of starting a family. Facebook seemed to start the trend when they offered a financial helping hand to employees looking to freeze their eggs. Now businesses like…
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Gay couple talks about the actual degree of surrogacy costs

A gay couple from Indiana have spoken candidly with The Cut as part of the “How I Got This Baby” series, revealing the extent of surrogacy costs. The father of twins admitted that they had spent $171,000 to have children via surrogacy. When Brad and his husband decided to have children, they initially had to…
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