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Does Trump’s policy discriminate against LGBT surrogacy families?

Gay Surrogacy under Attack?

I am absolutely no supporter of Donald Trump — far from it! But in this case, the existing policy is being sensationalized and made to seem like an insurmountable barrier, when LGBT couples have been successfully navigating this policy for years.

Can my partner and I have our surrogacy program close to home?

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Some states are friendlier to surrogacy than others. Some fully support your parental rights, while others may prosecute you. The most critical requirement is that the baby is born in a state that recognizes the Surrogacy Contract, because that will determine if you are the legal parents on the birth certificate are not.

Is “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico safe for gay couples?

what is Gestational Age

UPDATED: You are correct that there is no federal legislation supporting or banning surrogacy in Mexico, but there are “unregulated” programs. An unregulated surrogacy program is just a private agreement between the Intended Parents and the surrogate. If there is any dispute, the contract has no legal weight and can’t be enforced…

Can my partner and I share a surrogate and donor to have twins?

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Almost every same-sex couple asks me about the possibility of twins — one genetically related to each of the fathers. This is possible but there are some important facts that you should know. A lot of clinics will not explain this because they make more money on a Twins program, but twins pregnancies have substantial medical and financial costs….

Studies show that better Parenting has nothing to do with Sexuality

About 6 million children in the US have same sex parents, and every day more same-sex couples are using gay surrogacy to conceive families. Gay Star News reports that a third of Americans think that LGBT people should not be able to adopt kids — but thankfully, this isn’t holding potential parents back. The American…
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Surrogacy Works: The cost and complications of freezing eggs

Women who face severe illness that can hinder their fertility such as various cancers and endometriosis can now make the choice to harvest and freeze their eggs in the hopes of having a child through IVF years later. Frozen eggs are one more innovation in how surrogacy works. The practice places a hold on these…
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WHO will redefine infertility to support Gay Surrogacy

A dramatic change to the definition of ‘infertility’ by the World Health Organization could open the door to gay surrogacy rights to millions of same-sex couples. According to statements by doctors inside the WHO, the organization may redefine infertility so that everyone who wants a child but cannot will be considered infertile. The definition would…
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California becomes even more safe for Gay Surrogacy

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law that will further strengthen gay surrogacy agreements in California. The legislation will prevent California-parents, including members of the LGBT community, from having their parental rights questioned outside the state by giving California courts jurisdiction over any issues involving the parental rights of Californians who have had…
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Will Surrogacy Children Develop Emotionally Healthy?

According to researcher Susan Golombok, at the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, families created through assisted reproduction or surrogacy have no risks for the development of the child, or the emotional functioning of the family. According to the research report: “A growing number of children are being born through the donation of gametes…
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Texas surrogacy laws may offer a trap for same-sex couples

Texas may have friendly surrogacy laws for heterosexual couples, but same-sex couples and singles will find it complicated (or impossible) to get full parental rights over their children. The discrepancy between parental rights for straight and gay families is widely evident in Texas, which has become a haven for straight surrogacy cases, but a problem…
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