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Does Trump’s policy discriminate against LGBT surrogacy families?

Gay Surrogacy under Attack?

I am absolutely no supporter of Donald Trump — far from it! But in this case, the existing policy is being sensationalized and made to seem like an insurmountable barrier, when LGBT couples have been successfully navigating this policy for years.

Companies supportive on their employee’s gay surrogacy journey

For many, starting a new job is daunting enough but imagine being gay and pregnant. This is the exact situation Allison Steinberg found herself in when joining JPMorgan Chase. Thankfully the business has a modern approach to parenting including adoption and gay surrogacy that helped Allison to settle in with fewer worries. Steinberg shared her…
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Ireland does not recognize parents through gay surrogacy

It is widely noted that Ireland is not the most liberal of places. Until very recently, abortion was still illegal and LGBT issues are frequently the subject of intense debate. Couples who are starting families together through gay surrogacy are still facing struggles in having both parents recognized as legal guardians. The Irish Examiner reported…
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Woman explains her story as a surrogate mother

‘Surrogacy was always something I wanted to do for as long as I can remember but it was never the right time.’ — Cassie Lake, Surrogate Mother. Cassie Lake from New South Wales has described the want to help those unable to have their own children start families to the Daily Mail. Originally, she donated…
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Can my partner and I have our surrogacy program close to home?

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Some states are friendlier to surrogacy than others. Some fully support your parental rights, while others may prosecute you. The most critical requirement is that the baby is born in a state that recognizes the Surrogacy Contract, because that will determine if you are the legal parents on the birth certificate are not.

Juridical clash regarding gay surrogacy in the UK

A legal battle is currently raging on involving gay surrogacy in the UK. The Sun reported on this peculiar case: a man in his 30’s took out a surrogacy agreement with another woman for himself and his 70 year old partner to become parents. That seemed to be progressing well, however when one of the…
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An amazing case of gay surrogacy in Italy

In a landmark case for gay surrogacy in Italy, two women have been granted permission to have both their names listed as the child’s legal parents on the birth certificate. Above The Law, reported on a extraordinary case, a huge step forward for LGBT parental rights. Italy has always been known to have highly regulated…
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Gay surrogacy in Italy presents the ultimate obstacle to parenthood

For couples using gay surrogacy in Italy, becoming legal parents is the ultimate challenge. The struggles do not stop with gay parents — any child who was not conceived through ‘traditional’ intercourse cannot have legal parents other than the ones involved in conception. The Daily Beast recently spotlighted the heartbreaking journey of two lesbians to…
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Surrogacy laws in the UK called out for review

Surrogacy in the UK is starting to help more and more intended parents to start families of their own, but with an increasing number of gay couples looking to use the service, there have been many calls for the laws to change. At the moment, the child is the legal responsibility of the surrogate mother…
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Is “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico safe for gay couples?

what is Gestational Age

UPDATED: You are correct that there is no federal legislation supporting or banning surrogacy in Mexico, but there are “unregulated” programs. An unregulated surrogacy program is just a private agreement between the Intended Parents and the surrogate. If there is any dispute, the contract has no legal weight and can’t be enforced…