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“My partner and I want to have twins. Ideally we would both like to be genetic fathers and use the same surrogate and egg donor. We feel this will be a financially smart move since we want two babies but don’t have the resources to go through the process twice. Is this possible?”
— Darren & Steven

Hello Darren and Steven.

On the subject of twins, this is possible but there are some important facts that you should know….

Many clinics won’t fully explain these risks because a “twins option” is a popular request of same-sex couples, but a twins pregnancy has serious risks. Twins have a high probability of premature birth (about 65% of twins pregnancy ends prematurely.) Premature births run a higher risk of physical and cognitive developmental problems later in life. For this reason the ASRM recommends that embryo transfers use only one embryo. Also many surrogates will refuse to transfer multiple embryos to intentionally have twins (although would agree to carry twins if they arrive naturally) because of the difficulty and potential risks to their own health.

Premature delivery often includes additional medical care, insurance requirements and other expenses for possible medical contingencies due to complications during the delivery. Here is a breakdown of the anticipated costs related to a twins pregnancy.

There are two types:

Firm Costs:

Extra compensation to the surrogate for twins: $7,500
Compensation for child care during prescribed bed rest: $200/week
Compensation for housekeeping assistance during prescribed bed rest: $250/week
Lost wages if unable to work (on doctor’s orders): $500+/week
In case of c-section (often required by twins pregnancy): $5,000

Insurance/Medical Costs:

Private Health Insurance for newborns: $25,000*
Private health insurance for the surrogate and pregnancy: $8,000*
Health Insurance co-payment contingency: $10,000*

* HOWEVER… It’s difficult and expensive to buy insurance for a twins pregnancy — the likelihood of medical complications is too great. If you don’t buy insurance, you’ll likely face the cost of NICU care for two babies at about $5000 day. A stay of 2+ weeks is not unusual for a premature birth — so that’s $140,000 USD for basic care (not including medications and other surgical procedures if needed.)

Some Obamacare insurance policies will cover the cost of a surrogate pregnancy. US insurance that will cover a twins pregnancy may have higher out-of-pocket maximums for the additional medical expenditures. We suggest a contingency of $5000 per baby to cover unexpected medical costs not covered by your insurance provider. This would be the best case scenario.

In addition, the health insurance that covers the pregnancy won’t cover the care of the babies after delivery. Non-US couples that do not have an existing private insurance policy in the US must buy insurance for their newborns… In the case of a singleton pregnancy, private insurance can be purchased for about $7500 USD, with a minimal co-payment. But a twins pregnancy is much more difficult to find. A few “Surrogacy Insurance” policies are available from companies like NewLife that will cover your twins for about $25,000 USD. There’s a full discussion about medical insurance in the Surrogacy Guide.

I hope this helps.
— Bill


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