Surrogacy FAQ Index: Everything to know about Sensible Surrogacy

Included in this blog are articles on every aspect of the surrogacy process — from selecting an egg donor to obtaining the child’s passport. To find what you need, just enter the topic in the search form or review the list of questions below.   You can also browse our Surrogacy Guide for detailed step-by-step…
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What should I include in my Independent surrogacy agreement?

Surrogacy parents

Setting the terms of a surrogacy agreement is a two-way conversation. You are NOT in a position to make demands. But it is absolutely your right to make requests… do it NOW rather than later. Here are some things you may consider…

Advice for a Traditional Surrogacy Program

My friend has offered to be a surrogate for us we are happy about this and we are going to do traditional as using my husbands sperm and her egg. I was just wondering if you can give me any details on what I need to do before all happens or whether I can go…
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How can I increase the likelihood of a pregnancy?

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From blood thinners to “embryo glue,” a few add-ons claim to give an embryo transfer an added boost. Maybe you’ve seen these on the Internet. Some may be promising in specific cases, while others seem just trendy memes. Honestly, we tried most of these, but I have no certainty if any of these actually improved the likelihood of pregnancy in a typical case. Depending on the situation, your clinic may recommend a variety of options.

Controlling the Costs of Surrogacy: FREE WEBINAR

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Yes! Ordinary Couples CAN Afford a Surrogacy Journey. It just takes a little inside knowledge. JOIN US THURSDAY, JANUARY 16 for a Free Webinar. We’re sharing 5 insider tips to how ordinary people can afford their own surrogacy journey. You’ll also learn how to create a realistic surrogacy budget, fairly compensate your surrogate mother, control medical and insurance expenses, and avoid devastating financial pitfalls. REGISTER NOW.

How long does a Surrogacy process take?

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The surrogacy process typically takes about a year – once you find your surrogate. But surrogate matching is complex, and certain laws can grind the process to a stop. In the U.S. it can takes a few months, but a lot will depend on your location and personal requirements.

Can the surrogate mother keep our baby?

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If you have a properly executed Surrogacy Contract in a country with a supportive legal framework then the simple answer is NO, the surrogate cannot keep your baby. Unfortunately too many couples decide to skip the legal safeguards and open themselves up to all sorts of risks – including that the surrogate may have a legal claim to parental rights.

Is it possible to hire a surrogate to carry our twins?

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If medical risks aren’t persuasive, there is also a financial argument against having twins. A twins pregnancy doesn’t mean you get an extra baby at no cost… You can expect to pay extra charges for the extra effort and risks.

Surrogacy in Canada or Ukraine: Which is the more secure?

Surrogacy with embryo adoption

You’ve likely never heard of Surrogacy in the UK because the laws in the UK make it impossibly difficult to find, manage and compensate your surrogate. Well, Canada has the same laws as the UK – and new enforcement may drastically effect the feasibility of surrogacy in Canada.

Surrogacy Cost Guide now Updated for 2020

Independent Surrogacy Service

I just released the updated 2020 “Cost of Surrogacy Guide”. The Guide includes multiple articles to help couples manage the exorbitant and confusing expenses related to gestational surrogacy.

Indian Surrogacy Law takes aim at LGBT families

The principle purpose of India’s Surrogacy Regulation Bill (recently passed in the Lok Sabha) will be to end foreign couples’ and wealthy Indians’ access to the services of surrogate mothers. But while the laaw will certainly rob low-income women of a source of livelihood, it is also an attempt by the Government of India to…
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