Step 5:

Birth, Passports and the Return Home

Stage5US-big_When the surrogate is preparing to go into labor (naturally or induced for whatever reason), the SENSIBLE Surrogacy Agency will call the Intended Parents. They will then travel to Mumbai or Bangkok to welcome their new son or daughter.

The child and parents are generally encouraged to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days with the child — the hospital staff provides routine care for the baby and coaching for the parents. After 2 days the parents and child can leave the hospital and spend the remainder of their time in Asia getting to know each other at a local hotel apartment.

SENSIBLE can recommend a local hotel/residence. Our partner hotel is very familiar with the special needs of newborns and new parents – from sterilizing bottles to changing diapers.

SENSIBLE can also assist in finding additional help to care for the baby.

While the parents and SENSIBLE arrange for the baby’s passport and exit VISA (a process which can take 3 to 4 weeks), the child will be able to receive regular check-ups and medical treatments from our partner pediatric hospital. (Note, fees for additional medical treatments are paid directly to the hospital by the Intended Parents.)

Once the passport and exit VISA are obtained, the parents leave for home.

Passports & Citizenship

baby-2_When your child is born, SENSIBLE will provide a local birth certificate and other local documents registering the birth of the child. In Thailand this includes the baby’s Thai passport or citizenship papers. In India this could include affidavits from the clinic and hospital and other medical records. In all cases we will provide copies of the surrogacy agreements and affidavits from the surrogate renouncing her parental rights in favor of the Future Parents.

SENSIBLE will help you complete and submit all the paperwork (both medical and legal) with your local consulate to obtain the baby’s permanent citizenship and travel documents. We have a team of family law specialists ready to assist you, with first-hand experience of almost every embassy or consulate’s requirements.

Please note that the embassy/consulate will require the parents to submit the paperwork directly, often with a personal interview (and possibly with the child). Our role will be to guide you and assist you with the paperwork. If the surrogate is required to appear at the embassy/consulate, we will make arrangements for her time and travel and accompany her.

Read more about the legal requirements for passports and travel documents.

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