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Bill Houghton is the founder of Sensible Surrogacy, author of the Sensible Surrogacy Guide, 2x surrogacy dad, and a dedicated advocate for secure, legal and ethical Gestational Surrogacy. Read Bill's Biography

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Can I use both an Egg & Sperm Donor for my Surrogacy Journey?

I’m a single woman in my 40s. I have always wanted to have children, but I never found the right partner. Now I’m too old to donate my own eggs, and I still don’t have a partner to be the father. I want to try surrogacy to have a baby, but is it possible to…
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What to Include in Your Surrogacy Contract

Here are some topics that should be covered in your Gestational Surrogacy agreement. The Basics The surrogate will carry the pregnancy on behalf of the Intended Parents. The surrogate will receive an embryo, conceived by the egg and sperm of the Intended Parents (or a donor they select). The surrogate will do everything in her…
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Can I Pursue Surrogacy using Donor Eggs & Sperm?

Most parents just assume that the baby can easily get a passport and go home. But this is not true. If your baby is conceived using donor eggs and sperm, it won’t have any genetic relationship to you, and so will not be able to inherit your citizenship. Without citizenship, the baby isn’t eligible for a passport and won’t be able to travel home.

Shipping Eggs & Embryos to the United States

Shipping eggs & embryos by courier instead of in-person donations has become popular during the recent travel restrictions. But bringing oocytes into the U.S. can be nightmarishly complicated — and in many cases it may not be possible at all.

Has Donald Trump Declared War on LGBT+ Families?

Without notice, State Department policy changed to make it more difficult for gay couples to bring their babies into the US. The change delegitimizes the marriages of naturalized gay citizens and lock their children out of the United States.

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