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Where in the World can Gay Couples afford Surrogacy?

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Surrogacy options suck for gay couples. It’s even worse for gay couples in the UK. The United States is the only destination where commercial surrogacy for gay couples is legal. Here’s a quick rundown of the “affordable,” legal options worldwide.

Can I save money with a cheap IVF clinic overseas?

There are excellent IVF clinics in many countries overseas – and many are much more affordable than a typical US clinic. So it’s tempting to perform your IVF overseas and then bring your embryos to the US for the surrogacy part of the journey. But wait! It’s not that easy.

Should we do PGS testing on Day 3 embryos?

Surrogacy Baby in Ukraine

I have a clinic India that still likes to freeze embryos at Day 3. The rationale is that the embryos will develop better in their natural ‘in utero’ environment. I prefer Day 5 embryos, but I defer to the doctors on these types of issues– but there are exceptions, and PGS/PGD analysis is one of those exceptions.