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What do I need to bring my surrogacy baby home from overseas?

When we flew back to the US with our newborns, it was the easiest flight of my life. Even at 3 weeks, newborns do really well on airplanes — the droning background noise makes them sleep even more than usual. The cabin crew also loved the babies and were happy to go above and beyond to get us anything we needed. But we did make some critical preliminary preparations…

What’s a “reasonable” success rate at an overseas clinic?

US surrogacy baby

It’s hard to trust reported success rates at overseas clinics that have little, if any, oversight. My experience is that clinics in the developing world (e.g., Kenya, Cambodia, Georgia, etc.) have a pregnancy rate per embryo transfer of about 40% to 60% in general. That may seem like a very poor result, but it’s sometimes just enough…

Can a Surrogacy Contract force me to terminate a healthy baby?

Would-be parents always ask me about the risk that the surrogate may change her mind and want to keep their baby. Nobody questions if the parents may change THEIR mind and decide they don’t want the baby. Frankly, the possibility should be banned by law — we expect such protections for the parents, so why not for the surrogate?

Can I lower the cost of surrogacy with an IVF cycle overseas?

Surrogacy in Ukraine vs Colombia

There are cross-border programs that take advantage of less expensive IVF clinics overseas. The most notable use clinics in Mexico with a surrogate from the United States. But you can also create embryos in Kiev for export. In rare cases you can even use excellent clinics in countries where surrogacy has been tightly restricted….

Ethical debate on surrogacy in Canada

Currently, surrogacy in Canada is illegal when a person profits from the intended parents. As with many places, “reasonable” costs can be covered, these can be made up of medical bills, loss of earnings from time off, maternity wear etc. The National Post in Canada reflected on a notion put forward by Anthony Housefather MP…
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Is “unregulated” surrogacy in Mexico safe for gay couples?

what is Gestational Age

UPDATED: You are correct that there is no federal legislation supporting or banning surrogacy in Mexico, but there are “unregulated” programs. An unregulated surrogacy program is just a private agreement between the Intended Parents and the surrogate. If there is any dispute, the contract has no legal weight and can’t be enforced…

Can my partner and I share a surrogate and donor to have twins?

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Almost every same-sex couple asks me about the possibility of twins — one genetically related to each of the fathers. This is possible but there are some important facts that you should know. A lot of clinics will not explain this because they make more money on a Twins program, but twins pregnancies have substantial medical and financial costs….

What’s the likelihood that I won’t get pregnant?

Hello Mark: The typical IVF cycle conceives 5 to 6 high-quality embryos, and you will attempt embryo transfer multiple times. Each attempt has about 82% likelihood of a pregnancy (73% in Mexico, 60% overseas). So assuming the egg and sperm donors are both healthy, it’s unlikely that you would not eventually achieve a pregnancy.

What are my total surrogacy costs if we don’t get pregnant?

…Reputable surrogate programs charge payments only as milestones are reached… So if you perform an IVF cycle but no embryos result, you don’t pay for any embryo transfer or pregnancy. Likewise, if you have the embryo transfer but no pregnancy, then you don’t pay for any of the prenatal care or compensation to the surrogate. If the pregnancy ends prematurely (God forbid!) then you only pay the surrogate’s compensation for the period where she was pregnant.

Outdated Rhode Island laws on surrogacy in the US: considered for updating

The laws around surrogacy in the US vary from state to state in various fashions, some states do not permit commercial surrogacy, whereas others such as California do. Uprise RI published an article recently calling for the outdated laws in Rhode Island to be updated to ensure families from all parentage are treated fairly in…
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