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Should I have PGD/PGS analysis performed on my embryos?

Thanks for the message Palmer.
In general I don’t agree that every couple should have PGD before transferring embryos, but this often depends on the clinic and the lab performing the PGD. For some couples PGD is absolutely necessary, especially couples that have a history of failed pregnancies or miscarriages.

Can we have a friend or family member donate the eggs for our program?

“”We are wondering about the process of egg donation and the role it plays in surrogacy, in particular the use of our own egg donor. What are the requirements that need to be met before she would be able to donate.”— Angela and Tony   Good morning Angela and Tony… People often underestimate the importance…
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What it’s like to be a Surrogate Mother

There’s no better way to hear about surrogacy than a first hand account from a surrogate mother. Tiffany Jordan from Savannah, Georgia who grew up with her grandparents gives her account to InStyle as a mother who has already completed two surrogacy pregnancies in the past 3 years. Jordan’s interest started in college where friends…
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