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How surrogacy works… The Limits of a Woman’s Fertility

Reproductive sciences have allowed millions the opportunity to start a family, but it doesn’t always work as hoped. It should be noted that fertility science is not the rosy-eyed answer to all our fertility based problems. As with all science, it has its limitations. It may be difficult to believe that infertility is on the…
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How Well Does Surrogacy Work?

A recent study reviewed data from the first decade of this century to determine the relative risks and overall safety of surrogacy procedures. The finding? Surrogacy works pretty well, and the risks are low. The risk of complications with the stimulation or surgical process of ART related procedures was low in the United States during…
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Surrogacy Works: The cost and complications of freezing eggs

Women who face severe illness that can hinder their fertility such as various cancers and endometriosis can now make the choice to harvest and freeze their eggs in the hopes of having a child through IVF years later. Frozen eggs are one more innovation in how surrogacy works. The practice places a hold on these…
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