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Texas surrogacy laws may offer a trap for same-sex couples

Texas may have friendly surrogacy laws for heterosexual couples, but same-sex couples and singles will find it complicated (or impossible) to get full parental rights over their children. The discrepancy between parental rights for straight and gay families is widely evident in Texas, which has become a haven for straight surrogacy cases, but a problem…
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Children of same-sex couples are healthier and happier

Same-sex parents have been challenged to reinvent the nuclear family… and it is a challenge often rooted in our own turbulent family experiences. Now it seems it’s a challenge with it’s own rewards, allowing us to build happier and healthier families. According to a new study, same-sex families are forced to break traditional gender stereotypes,…
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Improving Sperm Quality before your IVF Cycle

Improve Sperm Quality

Half of diagnosed infertility is due to poor sperm quality. If you think you have a problem with your sperm quality, here are some simple steps to improve the quality of your swimmers, and the likelihood of pregnancy.

Why work with the SENSIBLE surrogacy agency?

A Revolutionary Approach to Your Surrogacy Journey Sensible Surrogacy is a new way to pursue Gestational Surrogacy based on transparency, personal involvement, and lower costs. We are changing the way that childless couples complete their families. Sensible Surrogacy is THE expert resource in international surrogacy. Since 2012 we’ve helped dozens of childless couples from 5…
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How many trips are needed for an overseas surrogacy journey?

Whether you are pursuing your surrogacy journey at home or abroad, you will need to make two visits to the surrogacy clinic. The first trip is to make your egg and/or sperm donation. The second visit will be to attend the delivery and arrange for the baby’s return home. Trip #1: Making Donations Sperm donors…
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Surrogacy FAQ Index: Everything to know about Sensible Surrogacy

Included in this blog are articles on every aspect of the surrogacy process — from selecting an egg donor to obtaining the child’s passport. To find what you need, just enter the topic in the search form or review the list of questions below.   You can also browse our Surrogacy Guide for detailed step-by-step…
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