Surrogacy GuideHere is everything you need to know about Surrogacy… from deciding if surrogacy is an appropriate option for your family, to returning home with your new baby.

Sensible Surrogacy BugWe believe that you should have all the information available to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive options, including surrogacy… So we have put together this guide for prospective parents considering surrogacy.

Our mission is to help you create your new family. So unlike other consultancies, we are pleased to be your resource for all your surrogacy information, regardless of which agent you ultimately work with.

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The Basics: What is Surrogacy and how does it work?

Surrogacy has become both a popular and controversial solution for childless couples to create complete families; but exactly what is surrogacy and what are the options? Read more….

Item 1. Decide if Surrogacy is right for you.

Most parents consider surrogacy after years of failed fertility treatments and unsuccessful pregnancies. If you have had repeated failed pregnancies, surrogacy may be an option. Read more….

Item 2. Where to have your IVF procedure.

Surrogacy Is legal in only a limited number of countries worldwide: Heterosexual couples considering surrogacy may consider these destinations. Read more…

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Item 3. Do you need a surrogacy agent?

Depending on your nationality, you may be able to save money by managing your surrogacy procedure yourself and working directly with a clinic overseas. However there are significant advantages of working with an agent. Read more…

Item 4. Find a reliable surrogacy agent

To find available agents, you should begin your search online. However do not judge an agent’s abilities or reliability based solely on their web presence. The Internet has become a popular marketing tool for many businesses… but often the agents that work online marketing the best, are often the ones whose primary goal is not aligned with your own. Read more…

Item 5. Review your timeline and budget with your agent

This conversation is part of the consulting process, but should be in advance of signing your contract. After all, the information provided in this part of the surrogacy process is crucial to making an informed decision on who will be represent you. Read more…

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Also: Will health insurance pay my surrogacy costs?

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Item 6. Decide when to start your surrogacy program

Much of the initial surrogacy process will depend on your availability to travel overseas to leave your sperm sample. Be prepared to answer this basic question when you talk to your agent. Read more…

Item 7. Consider your surrogacy options

Many couples have had difficulty carrying full-term pregnancies for a variety of reasons. These couples have a few options to pursue surrogacy overseas. Read more…

Item 8. Choose your sperm donor

Bringing your child home from surrogacy overseas requires that the genetic father is also a citizen of that country. Read more…

Item 9: Medical tests for the sperm donor

Before any sperm donation, a reputable IVF clinic will need both a standard blood test and semen analysis for the genetic father. Read more…

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Item 10: Are you able to donate your own eggs?

Women over the age of 35 should carefully confirm their ability to donate eggs. Here is the process required to confirm that a Future Mother is also a viable egg donor. Read more…

Item 11: How to Find a Surrogate Mother

Depending on the country where you live, you may need to work with your agency to find a suitable surrogate mother, meet and interview her, and convince her to carry your child. Other countries your clinic or agency will have a list of available surrogates ready to start. Read more…

Item 12: How to Choose an Excellent Egg Donor

Many couples think the value of their egg donor is the genetic material she provides for your surrogacy procedure. In reality, your egg donor is a far more crucial component of the success of your procedure. Read more…

Item 13: Make your Sperm Donation

Most clinics recommend that you are abstinent for at least 3 days prior to your sperm donation. So if you are making two donations, assume you will need a total of four days to make both donations. Read more…

Item 14: Treatments for your Egg Donor and Surrogate

It takes 6 to 8 weeks to fully prepare your egg donor and surrogate mother. The treatments are in two parts, and can be started at the clinic, or in some cases at home. Read more…

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Item 15: Egg Donation, IVF and Embryo Transfer

The following steps of your surrogacy procedure take place in rapid succession once your egg donor and surrogate have been adequately prepared… Read more…

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Item 16: Confirmation of Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

The following steps of your surrogacy procedure take place in rapid succession once your egg donor and surrogate have been adequately prepared… Read more…

Also: What if the pregnancy test is negative?


Item 17: Birth of your Surrogacy Baby

In most cases the obstetrician and clinic doctor will determine that the baby is fully developed and ready to be delivered. Read more…

Item 18: Passports and Citizenship for the Surrogacy Baby

Generally speaking, the legal framework for applying for citizenship and passport is the same for a specific country regardless of which country you are in, and which embassy you are dealing with. Read more…

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